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This can be done with hardwood strips, but it's definitely better to go with steel. But No, the strips should not be on the top or bottom, those won't do anything.
It can be rough putting a decorative edge on plywood. On the other hand, if you can put some facing on that edge, you could use a router to chamfer or round the top edge of the facing and have a super smooth result that you can stain or paint. You co
*Edited 11/27/16 – Make sure to check out our kitchen reveal (includes all the kitchen posts and lots of details!). *Edited 08/24/17 – See what we think about our open shelving in our Kitchen Updates – What we think about our Open Shelving in the Kit
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Question: I purchased IKEA shelves that weigh 4 lbs each. They are made of a wood like material. They came with 2 metal brackets that I attach to the wall and then mount the shelves to the bracket
I already have the design sketched out and have figured out how much material I need, but now I'm stuck with this question: what sort of saw should I invest in to cut the 2x4s (I plan on either purchasing the plywood pre-cut or else having it cut to
I have a log that I want to hang against the wall, creating a small shelf. I'm attaching the logs to two iron screw eyes using 1/4" hemp rope, for a rustic look. Here's a diagram: The screw eyes don't have a closed loop; they're open-ended like a hoo
Start >> Since the 1990's I've been building workbenches following the design ideas in this article. The concept is simple: Use 2x4's for the legs, and 2x4's or similar lumber for the horizontal structure that supports the plywood or OSB top an