Should I perform annual maintenance on our heating boiler?


When should I have my Boiler system serviced?

If you want peace of mind that you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long, we recommend annual Boiler tune-ups. The best time of year to schedule Boiler maintenance is in the fall or early winter before you need to turn on your Boiler. You may not be able to prevent heating system breakdowns completely, but you can help avoid them, save money, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty with professional maintenance from High Performance Heating & Cooling.

Being without heat during the winter can be a miserable experience, especially when you have to wait for service because everyone else in town is having the same problem.

Early, regular maintenance provides dependable comfort and warmth to families:

Reduce Repairs. Up to 70% of Boiler repairs can be prevented with proper annual maintenance. Neglecting to perform regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns, and other unexpected malfunctions. ...
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Annual Boiler Tune-Ups throughout Southeast Wisconsin

Some Wisconsin homeowners don’t realize how important it is to have their home’s boiler system inspected and tuned up annually, but it's crucial to do so to keep your unit functioning at peak performance.

The truth is that boilers lose efficiency as they age. Without regular maintenance appointments, they can end up costing you more on utility bills and eventually cease to work at all. Annual tune-ups can also catch developing problems early on to save you the cost of a boiler repair or replacement.

Capital Heating & Cooling works on all types of boilers, offers multiple Annual Maintenance Plans, and stands behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact our HVAC system maintenance experts to schedule a complete boiler tune up in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Racine county today.

Tune-Up Services for All Types of Boilers in Milwaukee & Surrounding Areas


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Although boilers are generally reliable throughout their life, there will probably come a time when you require a repair. When that time comes, you can rely on Dowd Mechanical, Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1997, your friends and neighbors have trusted us with all their boiler services, including repair and maintenance—find out why by calling us today at 215-752-3638 or filling out the form to the right!

Our Boiler Repair & Maintenance Services

Having annual maintenance performed at the start of the heating season is one of the most important things you can do for your boiler—especially as your system starts to get older. Steam heating systems like boilers can be the most durable and reliable heating systems around, but only if you have them routinely maintained.

You should regularly check the safety valve, the pressure level gauge, and the water level gauge, but for safety reasons, other boiler maintenance services should be left to the professionals....

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If you use a boiler to heat your home, chances are you haven’t given it much thought since last year. But with fall arriving and winter not far behind, it’s time to consider fall boiler maintenance and make sure your heating system is up to the task of keeping your house warm during the cold weather ahead.

Inspect Your Boiler Before You Run It

Before you turn on your boiler for the first time this fall, give it a quick inspection. Use a flashlight if necessary, and look for water leaks, cracks and other damage. If you don’t see any issues, you can fire up the boiler to see how it runs. Watch the operation of the boiler to see if any water leaks out or steam escapes. If you see any issues, shut the boiler down and contact a technician.

Check Boiler Pressure

Most boilers have a pressure gauge that you should check when you run it for the first time of the season. The ideal pressure is different for every boiler, so have your owner’s manual handy so you...

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Inspection of the boiler should begin with providing the service technician with boiler documentation, i.e. the warranty card and previous protocols. If you have noticed a disturbing change or irregularities in the operation of the boiler during the heating season – inform the service technician.

The main activity performed during inspection of the gas boiler is cleaning the water filters and the gas filter. If the boiler is not producing hot water of the desired parameters – the culprit is usually the filter at the cold water supply. A clogged gas filter, on the other hand, can be the cause of inefficient operation of the device. The heat exchanger requires most attention – its condition is reflected in the efficiency of the device. During operation, the exchanger is in contact with hot exhaust gases and acidic condensate; sediment, sintered fuel...

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Affordable Heating & Cooling Services for Homes & Businesses in Chicago & Suburbs

Polar Heating & Air Conditioning has over 60 years experience in heating and cooling the Chicagoland area. We are a family owned and operated business specializing in the installation, repair, and design of Air Conditioner, Boiler, and Furnace systems for residential and commercial customers. We clean, check and provide maintenance for all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, and AC units. Our repair specialists are certified heating and air conditioning technicians and are trained to help you with preventative maintenance, repairs, replacement systems, and...

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Unlike conventional systems, combi boilers do not store domestic hot water. They heat water from the cold water directly even as you use them. With the new combi boilers, you do not have a hot water cylinder, loft tank, or pipework. Combis are like standard unvented boilers but they have a second heating circuit, which is what gives you instant hot water when you need it. If fed directly from the main water supply to the heat exchanger, the combi boiler can have an unlimited hot water supply as long as the boiler is firing. Combi units manage to extract a larger amount of heat from the flue gases that escape from the flue system, which increases the combi’s...

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Chambers Heating and A.C. Services is the area’s trusted choice for heating and cooling specialists. Our team of specialists can offer a range of heating and cooling services including:

Gas or oil burner service or repair

Boiler or furnace replacement

Central Air conditioning installation, maintenance or repair

Oil tank replacement or installation

More hot water demand

Better air quality in the home

Chambers Heating and A.C. Services can help with any heating or cooling issues you may have in your home or business.

Our company has proudly been selected as a 5 star rated company for 2013:

"We would like to extend our congratulations to you and your staff for reaching another milestone in customer satisfaction. As you recall, in 2012 your business was awarded the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award by Celebration Media, and through hard work and commitment, the Chambers...

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Boilers and radiators are not often installed in new homes, but many older residences still feature this type of heating system. Furthermore, because this type of heating works well in multi-residence situations and larger buildings, steam heating and hot-water heating are still common in many apartment buildings, multi-family dwellings, and older business buildings.

Steam Heating Systems: Pros

Steam and hot-water heating systems have several benefits that aren’t often discussed. They have few moving parts, making them more reliable and durable if maintained than newer, more complicated heating systems. They also provide clean and dust-free heat, a huge plus for homeowners who react negatively to the dust and other allergens that can be stirred up by forced air and other modern heating systems.

Finally, they fit the bill when it comes to staying true to older structures and historic homes, making it easy to see why some homeowners choose to overlook,...

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Why choose Watson Fuels?

Watson Fuels has developed a reputation for providing a service that is second to none. Our national coverage through our extensive local depot network ensures that customers receive their orders quickly. We appreciate that many customers require a flexible service to suit their specific needs and we aim to meet those demands. We do not operate national call centres. Our order takers are located in your local area.

Why choose heating oil?

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK use heating oil for heating their home because it is safe, clean, and efficient. New A-rated oil-fired boilers can produce up to 97% efficiency, making heating oil a more economical fuel than others.

What do I need to know before ordering?

It would be helpful if you know the capacity of your heating oil tank. You can work this out by taking the measurements of a metal tank or by locating the model number on a plastic...

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Residential and Commercial Routine Maintenance

Gahanna Heating and Cooling not only provides repair, replacement and installation, we also specialize in maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. Whether they are residential split systems or geothermal heat pumps units, they should be maintained on a semi-annual basis. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent expensive repairs or heat pump failure. Gahanna Heating and Cooling offers different maintenance agreements to fit your needs. With our residential maintenance programs we offer priority service, discounts off repairs, and filter changes along with semi-annual visits to perform system tune up. Contact Gahanna Heating and Cooling today to find out which maintenance program fits best for you.

Repair vs. Replacing Your HVAC Unit

If your HVAC unit is over 12 years old it could be less expensive in the long run to replace your unit instead of repairing it. With the high-efficiency units that are...

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The Donovan & Jorgenson Way: Heating and Cooling Done Right

Donovan & Jorgenson, Inc. has been serving your neighborhood since 1985 and are eager to continue serving you. We provide homeowners with the best HVAC services in Milwaukee and Southeastern WI. Our services include an unmatched level of workmanship with every heating and cooling system installation, repair or maintenance. Whether you are in need of an air conditioning installation or an emergency furnace repair, our NATE certified technicians are committed to completing the job efficiently and accurately.We will improve your home's comfort level while conserving valuable energy resources and maintaining your budget.

Milwaukee’s Top HVAC Technicians

Donovan & Jorgenson, Inc. employs Milwaukee's top heating and cooling technicians who are professionally trained and certified. Unlike other Milwaukee HVAC companies, our employees continue to stay abreast of industry requirements providing an...

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Heating boiler antifreeze procedure:

This article describes how to add anti-freeze to a heating boiler and to the hot water or hydronic heating system piping, baseboards, convectors, radiators, etc. to protect the system from freeze damage. We describe the actual procedure for adding anti-freeze to the system, and we answer questions about how much anti-freeze to add and what type of anti-freeze to use.

This article also discusses the risk of poisoning the building water supply piping if you use the wrong type of boiler antifreeze, and we explain the effects of using anti-freeze in a heating system on the thermal conductivity of water and on building heating system efficiency and operating cost.

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How & Why do You Add...

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A steam explosion launched this boiler out of the building and into the parking lot.

According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, low water conditions are the cause for 50% of all boiler related accidents. Low water conditions exist when water falls below a certain level recommended by the manufacturer for safe boiler operation. If water drops below the furnace level, the metal overheats and can rupture the furnace and tube sheet causing a steam explosion. The rapidly expanding steam has the potential to launch a boiler out of the building, as seen in the picture above.

Low water occurrences often result from a malfunction in the Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) control device, which fails to recognize a low water condition and shut off the fuel to the boiler.

Clogged Boiler Low Water Cutoff (LWCO)

In the picture to the left, notice the sludge that has accumulated in the LWCO. This sludge can develop quite rapidly, rendering this...

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Michael & Son proudly offers excellent HVAC services to the Norfolk VA metro area for heating/ac repair, replacement and maintenance. With Norfolk’s mild winters & hot summers, Michael & Son Services understands how important it is to have your heating & cooling systems up and running when you need them the most. Our Norfolk HVAC specialists can service or repair your: Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Boilers & Central Air Conditioning. Let us help you with your annual maintenance, repair or install a new system. We will also respond to a heating or cooling emergency.

Air Conditioning/AC Sales & Installation Air Conditioning/AC Service /Repair Boilers Central Air Furnaces Heat Pumps Heating Service & Repair Water Heaters

Heating/Cooling (Clean and Check Service)

Michael and Son HVAC takes great pride in our thorough 21-point clean and check service for heating and AC equipment:

Our highly skilled and trained specialists will perform a 21-point clean and...

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