Should you let PVC primer (purple) dry before applying cement?


No - PVC Primer does not need to 'dry' before use - in fact, it needs to be wet to do it's job and not impede the cement - remember, plumbers in a hurry use this daily and aren't sitting around waiting for the primer to dry before grabbing the cement.

I make sure everything fits first, then grab the primer and swab it on, set it down and grab the cement and swab it on. If you wait - it's likely no more the 10 seconds. If you've waited a few minutes because you've gotten distracted, made a mistake or something and it's fully dry, just reprime to be sure the plastic is accessible and softened for the cement. If you don't- it can prevent the cement from bonding as well to the plastic.

The cure-times listed on the can are for after the cement cures- typically 2 sets of times will be listed - one for handling and one for pressure...

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That is simply not the truth. The primer plays an integral role in creating a strong leak free joint. If the manufacturers and independent testing showed that primer was not needed, then it would not be a requirement of the building code.

Very little of the national building, plumbing and electric code is the result of politics or poorly thought out rules. It is not written to keep the average dolt from making a mistake and it is not centered around overkill. THE CODE IS WRITTEN TO BE READ BY SKILLED TRADESPEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE SPECIFIC TRAINING IN THIER CRAFT. In most cases, the codes are the result of decades of experience, manufacturers input and independent scientific testing. The plumbing code calls for primer because primer has been proven to create a better, stronger, more consistent joint. Telling people that primer is not needed on high pressure...

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PVC Glue & Primer For Swimming Pools

The the world of swimming pool plumbing systems you should bee using PVC, either flex or rigid, for all applications - both below grade as well as on the equipment pad. Using the wrong plumbing material will result in early failure of the system, usually from advanced oxidation due to chlorine reacting with the plastic material. Be sure you have read the section on pool pipes to learn more about which materials are safe to use for swimming pool plumbing systems.

Gluing PVC is a two step process using a primer followed by a PVC glue. The primer strips an impurities from the pipe as well as chemically softening it to prepare for the solvent welding glue application. Many inexperienced pool technicians skip the step of using primer since the glue by itself would appear to make a solid connection however this is certainly a bad idea. Without properly priming the pipe a glue joint will feel strong in your hands, but with some channel...

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No, don't let the primer dry.

My primer says to apply the glue when the primer is still wet.

Cleaner,,,,well,,,,,cleans the pipe.

Primer doesn't clean really dirty pipe. Primer leaves the pipe a bit rough, when dry.

Primer softens the pipe a bit, allowing the glue to really "bite" into the pipe. Plastic glue works by chemically melting the plastic. Primer starts the process.

The difference between purple & clear primer is the color. If you have an Inspector or Building Dept. that requires purple, use the purple. If not use the clear, it looks better & doesn't leave colored stains on your hands, the floor, etc.

Primer DOES work. Try it. Glue a piece of pipe in a coupling. Leave it sit over night. Cut the coupling, but not the pipe on two sides. Then break it off. Then do this with primer & glue. You will be very...

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All respect due to Dave777 2009, but he is flat out wrong.

Primer is required and mandatory for nearly all plastic type pipes joints under nearly all plumbing codes.

In part, primer is required to remove any left-over wax applied to the pipe at the factory as it exits the extruding machines. It is this wax that allows the yet soft pipe to pass through these extrusion machines more easily.

Without priming plastic pipes to remove the wax, no solvent weld can be appropriately made.

That said, plastic solvent cemented pipes are not 'glued', they are 'solvent welded'.

What this means is that the solvent literally 'melts' the plastic to form a plastic weld. There is normally no 'gluing' by way of any mastic at any place in the process at all.

If the pipe is not properly cleaned by priming, no proper solvent weld will occur.

Most plumbing codes, as mentioned, require primers because the listing standards for the pipe requires...

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Warning: Science Content!
Primer for PVC serves almost the same purpose as priming in painting applications. Paint primer prepares the surface and gives the paint molecules a nice material to adhere to. PVC primer cleans debris, then "digests" the surface molecules of the PVC part, so that when the solvent/cement is applied, it can easily dissolve the outer layers.

This stuff contains 13-17% Methyl Ethyl Ketone, 70-80% Acetone (dimethyl ketone), 5-10% cyclohexanone, and negligible amounts of other nasty chemicals.

Open the can of (purple) primer. If it's the first time it's been opened, you might need a really big guy or a pipe wrench to break the seal. Most of the time, the swab is built right into the top.

Pull out the applicator, which is attached to the lid, and dab it against the side of the can to let the excess run out. This stuff runs like water and stains EVERYTHING. It will probably saturate the top of the can.

Cover each surface to be...

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The basic design of a confetti air cannon is very simple. There is an air chamber, a valve and a barrel. The size and shape of the air chamber and the barrel greatly affect the performance of the cannon.

The larger the air chamber is, the more energy it can store. Larger air chambers will allow you to shoot a higher volume of confetti or shoot heavier objects such as flower pedals.

The diameter of the barrel determines how fast the confetti is shot out of the cannon. A narrow barrel will shoot the confetti faster and farther. A wider barrel won't shoot the confetti as far but it will be more spread out in a cloud.

For this confetti cannon, I made the air chamber from an 20 inch long piece of 2 inch diameter pipe. I decided to make the air chamber small to make it more portable and easier to handle. I made the barrel from a 6 inch long piece of 4 inch diameter pipe. This barrel will make a short range burst of confetti that is very spread out.

If you want...

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Here’s a taste of some of the Technical Expert questions and answers to help you with your own projects. Always make sure you read the product label and data sheet prior to application. If in doubt about any aspect of your project, please ask our Technical Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller.

Q. I wish to paint an outside concrete area that has had a solvent sealer on it. Present colour is charcoal and I would like the finish colour medium brown. It is subject to foot traffic and the surface looks excellent when wet but when dry looks as if there is dirt/dust on it. What steps would I need from start to finish to achieve this?

A. We recommend moving to a solid paint finish such as Resene Non-Skid Deck and Path. If the existing sealer is based on an acrylic resin and sound then you should be able to apply two coats of the Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path over the cleaned surface.

September 2013

Q. I am...

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