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How to create a shower floor part 1 quick pitch using diagonal cuts to slope your shower floor planning guide custom shower pan slope tiling contractor talk

How To Create A Shower Floor Part 1

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Using Diagonal Cuts To Slope Your Shower Floor Planning Guide

Custom Shower Pan Slope Tiling Contractor Talk

How To Create A Shower Floor Part 1

Using Diagonal Cuts To Slope Your Shower Floor Planning Guide

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1 8 Slope Per Foot Vs 4 Plumbing

A Flawed System Shower Pan Liners Fine Homebuilding

Moen Making Sure Stylish Shower Drains Actually Drain

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Using Diagonal Cuts To Slope Your Shower Floor Planning Guide

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Tile Basin Product Details Shower Pan Base Tileable

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How To Create A Shower...

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Once we go to the furniture store, you observe that there are so many different types of Tile Shower Floor Slope Kit available at the store. Being aware of which couch is what type is one of the main things you need to understand before you decide to buy a couch so that it will fit effortlessly to the design of the area. Some of the most popular couch designs are the sectional lounger or sofa, loveseats, and the current and modern-day lounger or sofa. The sectional couch or sofa is a couch that contains seven or more chairs that are arranged to make a seating section in the room. Since sectional sofas are usually huge, it is most suited to large rooms.
As the name suggest, loveseats are couches that is suitable for two people to match comfortable inside the couch. Any kind of couches that are made for 2 people to sit on it are loveseats. The modern lounger designs are those who have clean lines and minimalist designs. It happens to be really popular during the 40s and...

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Tile contractor Tom Boucher says his working life has gotten easier since Schluter introduced its Kerdi system of tile backerboard and membranes. One example: the work involved in prepping a shower floor for tile. Using Schluter's components — tapered Kerdi-Board tile underlayment, a Kerdi-Line linear drain with integrated waterproofing membrane, and Kerdi waterproofing membrane — Boucher can make a wood-framed shower with plywood subflooring ready for tile in an hour or two.

The example we're presenting this week comes from one of two custom bathrooms Boucher and colleague Bob Vedder tiled this summer for a new custom house under construction in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, by architect and builder Caleb Johnson. JLC followed along as Boucher connected the linear drain to the rough plumbing, installed the drain and the tile underlayment, and sealed the pan with mortar and membrane. For a closer look, see the slideshow.

This time around, Boucher's work was complicated a...

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Good drainage in a shower is key to preventing problems with standing water while the shower is in use and reducing moisture levels in the shower when the water source is turned off. Constant moisture on the shower floor, which becomes a problem where slope is inadequate, can lead to issues with mold and mildew.

Shower Floor Slope

To efficiently drain, the recommended minimum slope for a shower floor is about 4 percent, or a 1/2 inch drop per every 12 inches from the shower walls to the drain. In traditional tile shower construction, this slope is established in the mortar pre-pan. One exception to a minimum elevation change of 1/2 inch per 12 horizontal inches is when someone with limited mobility will be using the shower. If this is the case, the shower floor should have a slope no greater than 2 percent, or 1/4 inch vertical drop per 12 horizontal...

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Hi! Hopefully, this will be one of my last questions for


house. I thought I had just about every problem resolved. Then, last night, a new problem popped up. My tile person was finishing up my job. The last thing to be tiled in the house was the shower floor. Guess what? Oh, yeah! The shower floor is not quite even. It has a little hump here and a little dip there. The tile layer went ahead and put the tile down, floated it some, will grout tomorrow morning (which is now, this morning), and test to see if the floor will drain properly. No, my current tile layer did not put down the required liner or the portland/sand mix in the bottom of the shower. Another tile layer started the job, but ended up working overtime for his regular job and was not able to do my job after all. So, I hired another person for the job.

If the shower will not drain properly, will I have to have the tile and all the portland/sand mixture removed all the way down to the liner? Will...

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