“shower gate” instead of shower curtain?



Wash the shower curtain.

Put the shower curtain through a cold, gentle wash cycle to remove soap scum and mold. To use less water, you can also try soaking the shower curtain in a bleach solution, then scrubbing it with a brush as needed. A moldy shower curtain will not store well and can easily infect other items. Hang out to dry.

An easy way to clean your dirty shower curtain is to run it through the washing machine with small and soft items like hand towels, wash cloths, socks, etc. Use cool water and plenty of soap and agitation. After the spin cycle, remove the shower curtain and re-spin the cloth items to remove trapped water. (The little items will "scrub" away the soap scum and residue, leaving a nicely clean plastic liner.) Allow to air dry before storing, as stated above. After doing this, you may also want to consider re-using the shower curtain. If it looks worn, you can cover it up with a fabric shower curtain.


Use as a drop cloth when...

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The typical ordinary bathroom shower and windows plastic curtains most of the times don’t meet the elegance and sophistication level of the sleek faucets and modern lavatories and bath tubes , so instead of adding or enhancing the sleek look in the bathroom they make the bathroom end up looking odd and not matched properly or tastefully . That end up frustrating the bathroom users , Even though bathroom shower curtains and windows curtains can be found nowadays in a very wide variety of patterns , colors , and materials they still don’t blend properly with the rest of the sleek lines for the countertops and the modern faucets and cabinets .

The solution is easy and often used and chosen by house owners , instead of using plastic shower curtains opt to have elegant shower glass doors , the shower glass doors help to make the bathroom look like it is more opened not cut and partitioned...

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Have you ever noticed that your shower curtain blows inward when the water’s running and you’re taking a shower?

This seems to happen with every shower curtain I’ve ever owned and I’ve been curious why.

I thought it had something to do with a draft from my bathroom’s air conditioning register, which blows directly toward the showering area.

Guess what? I closed the air vent and the shower curtain still blows in toward me when I’m showering.

So I decided to figure out what’s going on.

I quickly learned that the so-called shower curtain effect has to do with science.

Here’s the interesting thing, though — it seems scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes shower curtains to blow in toward bathers; it’s thought that several scientific things may be happening at once.

Why Shower Curtains Blow In & Cling To Us

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, this video demonstrating a product designed to keep shower...

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Breakfast was pretty simple – a bowl of cereal:

So let me tell you a funny story. And then, we’ll have a great debate!

This weekend, we moved our friend Isaac into Nicole’s apartment – AKA his wife’s (legally but not spiritually) place. It was pretty cute to be there for such a momentous event. Two people, melding furniture and sheets into one household. Very romantic.

After the move, everyone came back to our house and we ordered pizza. We started to chat about cohabitating, and the Husband and I began to reminisce about when we first moved into together. We opted out of the traditional route and moved in when we were just dating, at 22.

“What pet peeves do you guys have about living together?” asked Isaac.

“Hmm,” the Husband pondered. He then listed a few peeves that I already knew about, like leaving the toothpaste in the shower and not locking the top and bottom of the front door. “You turn, Caitlin.”

“I really can’t think of...

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You are taking a luxurious shower when suddenly you feel an unwelcome breeze from the window or a gust of air from the heat or air conditioner. Next thing you know, you’re stuck to the shower curtain -- or the other way around. Weighted shower curtains hang straight instead of clinging to your legs every time the air in the room moves. If your shower curtain seems to have a mind of its own, it might be time for an upgrade.

Drapery Weights

Weighted shower curtains usually have at least two weights, one at each bottom corner of the hemline. Drapery weights are made to stabilize drapes, but they also work with shower curtains. Each metal square or circular weight has a covering of fabric or mesh, which is left intact; don't tear it off. After folding up and stitching a hem across the bottom of the shower curtain, slide one weight into each open end of the hem and stitch the ends closed. If the curtain is too short for a hem, you can sew the fabric or mesh drapery weight...

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Shower curtains and shower curtain liners are great for making sure that your bathroom floor doesn't collect water, but eventually you'll want to replace them. When you do, the old one can be repurposed for a number of practical uses around the house and outdoors.

You can use your old shower curtain or liner as a drop cloth for paint jobs, a DIY table cover for outdoor picnics, a firewood tarp, a car trunk cover, and more. Just make sure to clean any soap scum and mold off of it first.

Read below for more uses for shower curtains and liners other than covering things up and keeping things dry. Take note that the uses below are only for shower curtains and liners that are made out of polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), not ones made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

For more bathroom-related hacks, see how to repurpose shower curtain rings, disposable shower caps, shaving cream, dental floss, and bobby pins.

Click on images to...

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Buy Shower Curtains Online

Enjoy a fresh bathing experience with our great collection of shower curtains at at-home.co.in. Shower curtains help you keep your floors clean and puddle free. It prevents water from pouring out from the shower and all over the bathroom floor. Keep the aesthetics of your decor intact with our collection of bathroom accessories at at-home.co.in.

Spruce your bath with a little colour

Why keep a plain look for a bathroom instead of adding vibrant thrust to your bathroom decor. Browse through collection of shower curtain at at-home.co.in , consider the pattern, fabric, material, construction and colour of the shower curtain of your choice before finalizing your selection. Browse through our bath linen collection and create your own design of bathroom accessories enhancing your decor and helping your personalize your bathroom the way you want. Find great collection of bathroom accents that create epic ensemble of mix matched and matched...

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Enjoy unique shower or spa experience with Air-curtain Shower Cabin. It is actually a ring shaped shower unit which can also act as a curtain. Instead of using traditional glass walls, this unit covers you with flowing air from a single overhead ring. This large ring device blows air from its underside and releases water from its inner wall surface. The unique air flow system forms an invisible air curtain that prevents water from splashing outside the shower.

Designers : Liu Yi, Luo Jing, Jiang Yuning

Compared to typical shower cubicle, using Air-curtain Shower Cabin, the bathroom will feel bigger and more spacious. This is because when the shower is not in use, the floor space beneath it is freed up. This device provides awesome showering experience beneath a 360-degree spout of water. The main objective of this design is to offer open showering space so that user can enjoy the feeling of freedom since you are not restricted by any...

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More often than not, your bathroom ends up the most boring and dullest room in your home. That’s just how things are, But if you wanted to change that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a full-on redecorating, stripping down the floors and repainting the walls.

Sometimes it’s enough to add some cool bathroom accessories that will breathe life into the bathroom, make it more vibrant, colorful and interesting.

That something is a unique shower curtain. Not a boring one but one chosen with care and consideration that will suit your tastes and will overall make your bathroom a room to admire.

Cool Shower Curtains – The Ultimate List:

To help you with this difficult task, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the coolest shower curtains we could find, hopefully, you will find one or two that will tickle your fancy…

#1 Cute Super Kitty Cat Shower Curtain

This is probably one of the coolest shower curtains you have ever seen. Why? Because it...

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Installing a curved shower rod is easy if you follow this tutorial. You do not have to drill new holes back from your original shower rod. By doing that you complicate the installation and reduce the benefit of the curved shower rod. Moving the curved rod back 3 inches toward you will just crowd you more than before. In addition, by moving the rod back as some would suggest, you end up with old holes that now need to be patched, filled and painted. Both are bad results I want you to avoid.

Here... are some tips to make the install easy.

Remove old shower rod and brackets:
Using a screwdriver, remove the 4 screws holding the old shower rod in place. Locate new mounting holes:
Using the bracket of your new curved shower rod as a template, hold the bracket up to the wall with the top hole of the bracket over the top or outer-most old mounting hole. Making sure it is level, mark the location of the bottom hole of the bracket on the wall. Install plastic wall...
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Bedding Sale

Reinvent your home’s style with gorgeous pieces from our bedding and bath sale at west elm. Whether you’re searching for a couple of items to mix with your existing decor or you prefer to change the appearance of the room completely, there are a plethora of charming linen options from which to choose. Improve the functionality of your bathroom with items from the bath collection. New bath accessories in a neutral hue look amazing next to several decor schemes. The clean, simple lines complement both the rustic and modern bathroom. Maximize your counter space by installing a mirror shelf. A mirror is a convenient addition that you can use to examine your face closely during your morning routine. When you are done, stow your razor, toothbrush or makeup brush on the shelf.

If it feels like your bath and hand towels are constantly in the laundry basket, rather than in your linen closet, add some spare pieces to your collection. Not only do lightweight towels...

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