Shower head with easy on/off switch

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The Ultra-Luxury Multi-Function Shower Combo by DreamSpa combines a 7-setting 7-inch rainfall shower head and a 6-setting 4-inch handheld shower with an ON / OFF pause switch on the handle. You can use each shower head separately or use both shower heads simultaneously and choose from 38 full and combined water flow patterns.

Both of the shower heads feature a chrome face, 3-zone click lever dial, rub-clean jets, and multiple settings, such as Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist, and Water-Saving Economy Rain.

The convenient ON / OFF pause switch on the handheld shower handle makes it easy to stop water flow at any time and save water.

The patented 3-way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut makes it easy to switch from shower head to handheld shower or to use both shower heads at the same time.

Replace your old shower head quickly and easily thanks to the tool-free installation! Your satisfaction is guaranteed...

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Add an On/Off Switch to your handheld shower so you can have more control over the flow of water while you bathe.

Adding an On / Off Switch to your handheld shower head allows you to stop the flow of water without getting up.

Eliminates the need to bend or reach for the controls on the other side of the tub.

Attaches between your handheld shower head and the hose.

Add this On / Off Switch to your handheld shower so you don't have to buy an expensive replacement!

When you have limited mobility, a handheld shower head makes washing easier. However, to shut the water off completely, you may still need to get to the other end of the tub to reach the faucet.

This On / Off valve will let you take your time and safely handle the shower controls without wasting any water.

Most hand-held showers with a pause button don't completely stop the water - they only slow the water down to a dribble.

Adding an On / Off Switch between your...

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What would you do when you feel stressed out? Some people might enjoy walking or running to reduce the stress while others might pick up working out. However, one of the most effective way to calm yourself down is through taking a cool shower and singing along in the bathroom. Therefore, you will need a great handheld showerhead which offers the ring of water from your head to toes cooling yourself and you feel fresh. You will need a very durable and high-performed showerhead so that you won’t waste your money on some poor-quality ones. Here are the top 10 best handheld showerheads you might need.

1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury

First let’s see the best rated full-chrome handheld shower offered by Hydroluxe. It is a kind of 2-in-1 showerhead that can be used each to shower separately or both together. It is also featured with the 5 full settings including power rain, massage, stay-warm mist, water-saving economy rain and pause. Moreover, it has...

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HotelSpa® 2-Tone Chrome/White Finish Hand Shower with Patented On/Off Pause-Switch and Premium 5 ft Super Flexible Stainless Steel Hose. Connects in minutes to any standard overhead shower arm, no tools required.

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Find you’re self-waking up in the middle of the night with the sound of a dripping shower head? It is relatively normal to have a few drops of water for a short time from the shower head once the water faucet has been turned off.

But if this drip is consistent then you more than likely have a leaking shower head – not to panic this can be a do it yourself easy and simple fix. So don’t let this irritation continue as this can also increase your water bill if left untreated.

How showers work and parts

Understanding how the components of a shower unit work will help you to understand how to resolve any leaks that have occurred this will also make you aware of the technical terminology used acting as a quick reference guide.

To start off with its usually a great idea to see how the shower system works, the main image represent a fully functional shower unit with all its parts . You may or may not have all the components like this but could have elements...

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2017 Update: After careful consideration of the many options available for handheld category: sprays, massagers, hoses, and construction, we think the best handheld shower head for most people is the Ana Bath SS5450CBN. This combo has all you would want in a handheld shower and offers the best showering experience and satisfaction overall.

If the Delta Shower head is out of stock or unavailable, the Delta Faucet 75700 is our runner-up. This shower head is also our budget pick and is available in 2.5 GPM and a water saving 2.0 GPM flow rate. (Read In-depth review of both the shower heads below)

Related: A Complete Guide on Best-Selling Shower Heads

Reviews of the Best Handheld shower heads

#1 Ana Bath SS5450CBN

Ana-Bath SS5450CBN is our top pick. It can be a double shower, which will double the effectiveness of your shower. Two massaging showers working on your stiff muscles at the same time, or two saturating sprays helping you rinse double...

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What is the correct hose to go with this product for an exterior shower

by Anonymous – July 05, 2015 SKU#34900

can be used with this shower head. However, our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 can special order a white hose made of vinyl or nylon that can better match the shower head.

by Camping World – November 04, 2015

What does the lever do?

by Greg – June 10, 2015

It is a locking trigger to activate the shower head.
by Camping World – June 11, 2015

How long is this shower head

by Happy Camper – May 31, 2015

Our current one is about 7 inches long

This shower head is 5.57" long.
by Camping World – October 20, 2015

Can you make the water flow without holding the lever?

by steve – May 31, 2015

Yes, the lever can be locked with a button at the top of the lever.
by Camping World – October 22, 2015

can this shower head be used for the interior shower

by Anonymous – July 17,...
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Water Filters:


Benchtop Filter

Twin Under Sink

Hyundai HM8 Under Sink

Hyundai HQ7 4 Stage Under Sink / 4 Stage Reverse osmosis

Olympic/Elite Under Sink

Reverse Osmosis

Premier or Inline executive

Q Easy Twist System

Filter Taps

Natures Laundry Ball

(Click on picture for brochure)

$99.00 incl. GST


RoboMop is designed to sweep your hard floor. Simply attach an electrostatic pad, place the ball in the sweeper and watch RoboMop automatically sweep your floors for you. The electrostatic and dust absorbent pad attracts dust like a magnet. Then when it’s dirty, just simply remove the pad and dispose it in the...

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Last Updated: April 2014 "If I don't have a good shower, I am not myself. I feel weak and ineffectual. I'm not Kramer." - Kramer, in "The Shower Head"

Ever wish you had more shower power? Maybe you fantasize about the "Stockholm Superstream," or the "Commando 450" (designed for circus elephants!) from "The Shower Head" episode of Seinfeld. Maybe you the resent the paternalism and limitations on capitalism that low flow showerheads represent. Or maybe you just want to get the Federal Government, and the Green Party *, out of your bathroom. In any case, if you want a shower-massage-tastic, firehose-me-like-a-rioter, The-Maid-of-the-Mist-is-off-course-and-has-entered-the-falls, good-God-Almighty-that’s-some-water-pressure showering experience then read on.

* Often called "the Watermelon Party" by Neal Boortz , since they’re Green on the outside and Red (Communist) on the inside.

First, a disclaimer: I am neither a plumber, nor a lawyer,...

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The plumbing and wiring involved in installing an electric shower requires sound basic skills in both areas of expertise.

Ensure that wiring and plumbing are properly installed. Connect the wiring at the consumer unit requires a competent person under the Part P building regulation. Always turn off the electricity when making connections to the mains.

Electric showers are economical to run and provide hot water on demand.

Using an electric shower can save up to a third of the water used for a bath and, because a shower heats the water instantaneously, it does not waste energy heating stored water. Electric showers are rated in kilowatts (kW) - the higher the wattage, the better the performance of the shower. An electric shower is relatively easy to install, requiring only a connection to mains electricity and a single cold-water pipe running from the rising main.

If you plan to install a shower over...

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