Shower only lets hot water only dribble through


I have just the opposite problem.. I'm only getting very hot water coming out of shower head. What I've been reading is it's most likely the mixing valve/anti-scalding valve. As long as you are getting normal water temps and pressures from your sinks then you should either replace or repair the showers mixing valve. The best I can explain the way the mixing valve works is it uses the pressure of both the cold and hot water to limit the amount of either hot or cold water that it will let pass through it. If the valves don't slide properly do to dirt or any thing that may build up on the valve or valve seats then the mixer valve can't do it's job properly. Hope this helps Ken

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HI Keskugi...

There certainly could be separate piping for the showers. In my state, for example, they don't require separate piping but they do require shower valves that have temperature limiting devices so we can control maximum temperature to 115F max. at a shower. The rest of the home is limited to 125F.

Your state may require that a TEMPERING VALVE be installed at the water heater and then the tempered water goes only to showers and regular hot goes out to the rest of the house... certainly could be. Here, if you have a tempering valve the internal ELEMENT could be defective and will need to be replaced.

Look around the water heater and see if you can find a tempering valve... usually looks similar to the image below, although there are many other models, OK?

Although unlikely, another thought was that the showers might be on a recirculating hot water line and maybe the circulator is down. Any small circulators located on the hot water piping...

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If it's a cartridge type of shower, the cartridge could be bad. Simply replacing the old cartridge would solve the problem. I don't know about any other brands, but I know that if it's a Moen, just call them and they send out the replacements for free for life. That's how I get mine. I don't work for them or anything. That's just what my plumber put in and I have been thrilled with it.


If it's an older valve that directs the water upward, there could be a loose screw on the end of the valve, and it is letting the gasket block the diverter tube to your shower head. You'll need a set of cowbells (assortment of large socket tools, purchased at any hardware ) to unloosen the diverter valve. I have evn seen these screws come all the way out and sit on the hole that water should pass through. If the valve is an individual one, you won't need to turn off the main water. In that case the water is stopped at both the hot and cold valves already.

Do some...

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In HOT water or maybe not?

A year ago, I was in town supporting the medical profession when I got a phone call from a sleepy son “There had been an explosion that shook the house and he wondered if I knew what it was?”
I suggested he get up and take a look around.
Three quarters of an hour later another call, Very much awake and Frantic “The back room is flooded with hot water and it was still coming from the cupboard”
Luckily? We had run out of tank water and were back on the town mains, so it should be as simple as going to the footpath and turning off the mains.
Simple I say, compared to crawling under the house and getting to the pressure pump and the taps way under there with cobwebs and all.

Arriving home hours later, the back room is flooded 25 mm deep and water still coming from the cupboard which is raised 75 mm from the floor.
The water main was dug up with a------? Sledge Hammer?---- and not turned off.
Using the handle leaning...

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If hot water supply or temperature is not a problem elsewhere in your house, then it is likely that you have a Brizo® Monitor® pressure balance valve. This valve contains an adjustable Rotational Limit Stop - a small plastic device designed to reduce the risk of scalding. You may adjust the temperature yourself by carefully following the instructions below for adjusting the Rotational Limit Stop:

Let the water run until both hot and cold water is fully mixed. Rotate the handle fully counterclockwise to the hottest position. Place a thermometer in a plastic tumbler, and hold the tumbler in the water stream. If the water temperature is above what is allowed by your local plumbing code (110° F or 120° F), remove the temperature knob and rotate the rotational limit stop clockwise (handle controls volume; temperature knob controls temperature). For every tooth the rotational limit stop is rotated clockwise, the water temperature will decrease approximately 2° F. NOTE:...
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If you are receiving hot water to the valve, but not getting it passed the valve then the issue lies with the cartridge inside the valve.
1st, it might simply need adjusting. subject to the make/model, it probably has a min/max limit on the turning of the dial. this range can usually be moved. eg.. if a scale of 1-10 where 1 is ice. 10 is kettle hot.. you may be using a adgjusting scale between 3-6. if we move the limiter round, then you might have a scale of 6-9 increasing the maximum heat output possible..
if this is not possible or doesnt work. then we have to consider a faulty cartridge. Again subject to the make/model the cartridge MAY be changeable. if not then a new valve may be required.
hope this...

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I think that the Claxton accompanied with the lights out for effect and to combat the possibility of the occupant being freshly soaped up at the time continue the cold water.

On the basis that this is, sooner or later going to catch your wife instead of the kids, are you going to have a divorce party and are forum members invited? :)

The problem with turning the lights out is, it will be dark when the kids have their showers, so if the lights go out and they are still in the shower, I don't want them breaking their necks trying to get out of the shower in the dark.

i did this with our continuous hot water system. When the hot water turned on, a LED on the control panel in the bathroom went high. I used this input to start a timer. When the 7 minutes was up, the shower hot water would turn off and would not turn back on for 3 minutes. I used a relay across the button on the controller to turn the hot water off.

Good info to note, thanks...

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First, let’s review what the rotational limit stop does. This stop allows you to set a maximum temperature on the hot water flowing out of the tub/shower. When set correctly, this safety feature will ensure that the handle on your tub/shower faucet never goes beyond the set level, resulting in a safe bathing temperature.

The stop may need to be readjusted if the inlet water temperatures change. For example, during the winter, the cold water temperature is colder than it is during the summer. This could result in varying outlet temperatures. Typical temperatures for a comfortable bath or shower range from 90° F to 110° F.

See information on setting the adjustable limit...

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by Chris Woodford. Last updated: September 15, 2016.

Are you a shower person or a bath person? Do you like to feel pulsing jets of water blasting your dirty skin clean? Or do you prefer to laze luxuriously in the tub until the water turns cold? If you wash for less than five minutes and your shower has a modern, low-flow head, you'll save over 50 gallons of water and a huge amount of energy compared to taking a full bath. Saving hot water with a shower helps to cut your energy bills and it's a simple thing you can do to fight global warming. Sounds good? Let's take a closer look at how showers work!

Photo: A simple Mira electric shower. There are two controls for adjusting the temperature. The upper dial sets the temperature broadly as high, medium, or low. Once you've set the temperature roughly, the lower dial lets you fine tune to get the water exactly as hot as you want it.

How do mixer showers work?

The simplest showers are called mixer...

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I can see this is an old post on forum. But I want to reply to help others resolve our same problem. And with answers from others on this problem it solved our issue of cold showers .

We have a Rinai gas hot water system with a newly built home, with a temp control panel in the kitchen, max temp being 50*. We changed both our shower heads
( main bathroom and ensuite) to the water saving showers heads on a hose about year and a half ago. And it was probably not long after that boys starting noticing the water going cold during the middle of shower in main bathroom and pressure was dribbling out. It's not till I clean there shower that it did it to me and thought ok, bloody freezing. Because this wasn't happening to our ensuite shower. I thought the boys could tough it out, coz it didn't happen all the time.
But then happening more and more frequently and longer staying cold. They complained enough I got online and searched it on the forum. Here was my answer.

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"can't you just cut it off or crimp it down?"

no, they are too smart for that.

If the cold water supply is cut, the valve blocks altogether.

I went through this whole excercise recently. I am building a house with solar hot water and solar power. Hot water has boosting from wood stove. For me, the issue is that IF the solar has little input on one day or I don't run the fire long enough, the water temperature in the tank might only be 40 or 50 degrees. Unfortunately, the way these tempering valves work, they ALWAYS bleed in a bit of cold water, whether it is necessary or not. So if the hot water in the tank is 45 degrees (plenty hot enough for a shower) the damn valve will add cold water down to about 35 degrees. (Min temp drop is 10 degrees). The valves are designed on the assumption that the incoming water will be 60 degrees minimum. So for a solar hot water system without gas or electric boost, they are a real pain. I had a bugger of a job explaining...

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Rheem heat pump hot water systems are designed to empty your pocket.

Rheem Everhot 310 – Model No. 25131007

Supplied by our builder who said we were required to install an energy efficient hot water sytem due to additions to the home. He has been very helpful in trying to get satisfaction but Rheem do not want to know about the problem and even when they send someone they just switch it on and if it runs do little else.

Interesting that when the electrician connected the power he said to me that his experience was they are not efficient as he has connected many of them and almost everyone says their power bill has gone up some even many hundreds of dollars.

First problem about 6 weeks after installation it started making a noise intermittently like a machine gun going off, when I checked it I found that the compressor was jumping about wildly, switched the unit off and reported it. Switched it back on next night and about 2 hours after starting to run it...

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Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves run-of-the-mill baby shower games. We certainly don't! So if you're like us and are looking for games that are decidedly fresh and fun, we've put together some seriously unstuffy options for you to choose from. Here are the Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games-from Beau-coup to you!

1. Don't Say Baby

Mum's the word when it comes to saying 'baby'! Get this great icebreaker started the moment your guests walk through the door. As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear on his or her shirt. Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can't say 'baby' for the duration of the shower (or until it's time to open presents). If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker's pin. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.

2. Guess the Baby Game

Pink cheeks and rosy memories abound when you play this game at your...

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I chose the filter that catches the smallest particles, and it did a great job of keeping sand and silt in the (very old) water line from clogging the valve. Without this filter, the toilet would 'seep' - keep running very slowly - 24/7. Replacing the tank valve only solved the problem for a few days, but the filter was a permanent solution.

I love the see-through case, as it lets you see when the filter is beginning to clog and needs changing. Although the sight of the trash in the water line may gross some folks out, it shows the justification for buying the filter.

Because you can see the state of the filter, you don't have to wait for reduced flow to tell you to replace it. (Don't you hate it when you turn on the water and it just dribbles out? Especially if it happens when you are in the shower?)

I liked this unit so much that I bought a second for my RV. Now I know there is no sand or silt in my water tank when I'm camping.

The things I don't like...

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· February 25, 2014

This homemade bath and shower cleaner is amazing. This recipe has been floating around the web and I had to give it a try for myself! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found an inexpensive powerful homemade bathroom cleaner. You problably have the ingredients already at your house. Once again vinegar proves to a a great household cleaner. You can even mix vinegar with baking soda for a great way to unclog a drain.

Homemade Bath and Shower Cleaner Recipe

Measure out equal parts of Dawn dishwashing detergent and vinegar. Heat vinegar a couple of minutes in microwave or on cook top until vinegar is hot. Carefully pour vinegar into a spray bottle. Add in Dawn dishwashing detergent and shake to mix.

This Dawn & vinegar cleaner will cut through soap scum, clean sinks, and also the potty. Just spray it on, scrub and rinse. For tough soap scum build-up, spray the mixture on and allow it to sit for about 30...

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