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When you're building a tub/shower surround, there are two questions that need to be answered: Which substrate material should I choose? How do I waterproof it? The answer to question #1 is easy. Cementboard, always (unless you're using a fully-integr
Demonstration Mixing two masses of water at different temperatures to discuss thermal energy transfer. Apparatus and materials Plastic buckets, 2 Thermometer (demonstration or digital display) Domestic balance Supply of hot water and supply of cold w
It sounds like there is a problem with the diverter valve. When you turn on the hot and/or cold water valves they flow through the diverter valve on the way to the tub spout. When you turn the diverter valve, it redirects the flow up the pipe to the
After we use our shower, our ceiling makes a buzzing noise (sounds like a bug stuck up there). When my husband moved the drop ceiling tiles he noticed one rail is carrying current (it was throwing off a continues spark when it touched another metal).
Your question-asking and diagram are great! Unfortunately, i can't fully conceptualize it right now (too hungry), but I hope this post gives you helpful info re: wall height. Here's a pic of my parents' shower stall, which we designed together: I hat
by ventsyv Last Updated March 26, 2016 08:09 AM The shower valve in my guest bathroom is leaking and I would like to replace it but it's fairly old and not compatible with the new mixer cartridges. I bought a brand new valve & cartridge but I'm a
Thank you for the pictures, that was very helpful. While I wouldn't want to restrict the hose retraction, I don't think there's any other option than to do so. Your situation is worse than I expected & you are stuck with a very poorly planned ins
4. 1 General Considerations Roads will affect the natural surface and subsurface drainage pattern of a watershed or individual hillslope. Road drainage design has as its basic objective the reduction and/or elimination of energy generated by flowing
Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I have worked on about a half dozen seperate tile floors, though! These instructions are not meant for a shower wall or floor, just every day use floors like bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, etc. You should also have a dece
All of that should be torn out and replaced with backerboard, which is then coated in a waterproofing membrane, to be tiled over and sealed. Or it can be replaced with the same modern type of dry-pack mortar bed, of which I'm not a fan and neither ar