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The blinds are easy - translucent window privacy film is available, removable if you change your mind, and sticks to the glass, so that deals with the blinds. A shower door would be the obvious full-bore solution to the curtain. Curtain weights (or a
I'm from Serbia, just like the OP, and we do have such a myth there. After my initial rant, aimed at explaining why some of the safety assumptions that many answers here may have are wrong, I'll show installation of a typical water heater and explain
Enjoy longer showers with Camco’s ergonomically designed, handheld RV showerhead Handy on/off switch allows you to pause water flow while shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used This showerhead features 4 spray patterns from a drenching
Let me explain what I mean. Most googling leads to tub related setups, but my setups do not include tubs. Lately I have been seeing these diverters in many newer bathrooms(my own new one in SG, and one in India)
Single Control Bath/Shower Valve Identification K-304-K*-NA or K-305-K*-NA 1/2" Pressure Balancing Valve Cap has 2 screws that hold it onto the brass valve body The brass, round, splined stem rotates clockwise to turn on Part Numbers: Cap GP77759, PB
It isn't unsafe, it's just generally pointless. You aren't required to put your bathroom lights on a GFCI, just the outlets that you can plug equipment like the ancient hair dryer into. EDIT: I guess I glossed over the fact that the UL listing on the
Low water pressure can make a bath or shower feel like it's taking forever. If you've recently replaced valves, faucets and the showerhead in your shower, yet there still seems to be a drop in pressure, there could be several things behind it. Determ
Hello. When you say basement side, I assume you are referring to the underneath. There are a number of options available, all hinge on the conditions you have
My tub/shower faucet had a slow leak a few weeks ago, so I chose to replace the cartridge (after removing the old one and looking at it, it's a Moen 1225). This solved the problem. However, I had a plumber come out to fix something unrelated in my ho