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Let me explain what I mean. Most googling leads to tub related setups, but my setups do not include tubs. Lately I have been seeing these diverters in many newer bathrooms(my own new one in SG, and one in India)
Single Control Bath/Shower Valve Identification K-304-K*-NA or K-305-K*-NA 1/2" Pressure Balancing Valve Cap has 2 screws that hold it onto the brass valve body The brass, round, splined stem rotates clockwise to turn on Part Numbers: Cap GP77759, PB
It isn't unsafe, it's just generally pointless. You aren't required to put your bathroom lights on a GFCI, just the outlets that you can plug equipment like the ancient hair dryer into. EDIT: I guess I glossed over the fact that the UL listing on the
Low water pressure can make a bath or shower feel like it's taking forever. If you've recently replaced valves, faucets and the showerhead in your shower, yet there still seems to be a drop in pressure, there could be several things behind it. Determ
Hello. When you say basement side, I assume you are referring to the underneath. There are a number of options available, all hinge on the conditions you have
My tub/shower faucet had a slow leak a few weeks ago, so I chose to replace the cartridge (after removing the old one and looking at it, it's a Moen 1225). This solved the problem. However, I had a plumber come out to fix something unrelated in my ho
There are two different types of flow in a pipe: steady and turbulent. Steady flow means that the fluid is flowing consistently throughout the pipe so all properties are uniform throughout the pipe and can be analyzed at any point of the flow to obta
Short answer: He/She may be correct but ask them what problems they forsee running into that made them decide that. Long answer: This should be possible but I'm not sure it will be visually appealing and you might have problems finding a premade pan
My shower drain clogs infrequently but regularly - about every year or so. The first year it happened, I used one of those 18" plastic drain "hooks" (and pulled out a fairly large hairball). It clogged again about a year later, so I got a 20' snake a