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There are two different types of flow in a pipe: steady and turbulent. Steady flow means that the fluid is flowing consistently throughout the pipe so all properties are uniform throughout the pipe and can be analyzed at any point of the flow to obta
Short answer: He/She may be correct but ask them what problems they forsee running into that made them decide that. Long answer: This should be possible but I'm not sure it will be visually appealing and you might have problems finding a premade pan
My shower drain clogs infrequently but regularly - about every year or so. The first year it happened, I used one of those 18" plastic drain "hooks" (and pulled out a fairly large hairball). It clogged again about a year later, so I got a 20' snake a
safe to use the shower is a relative question. when will it be safe to use it so that its use doesn't compromise the caulking seal? never - it was already compromised the moment you did it that way. caulking shrinks as it dries, and the speed at whic
Either you use a vapor barrier behind the hardi, or you can use a waterproofing system (like redgard) over the hardi, but you should not do both. As Vic mentioned, hardi isn't waterproof, so no sense in being concerned with the seams. Hardi, while no
I noticed that many shower hoses are advertised as "explosion proof". Since I have never seen a shower head with a tap on it, I'd think the hose has to withstand only a fraction of the pressure that the regular plumbing would be required to withstand
The result is an ugly build-up of old caulking from repeated attempts to solve the problem. The two most common causes are: #1 Using the wrong fasteners to install the tub/shower unit:Always use screws on the flange of the tub unit. DO NOT USE NAILS
Thank you for the pictures, that was very helpful. While I wouldn't want to restrict the hose retraction, I don't think there's any other option than to do so. Your situation is worse than I expected & you are stuck with a very poorly planned ins
GROHE thermostatic shower mixers include several industry-leading technologies created with your safety in mind: GROHE TurboStat® reacts to any changes in the incoming water supply and re-adjusts the mix of hot and cold water accordingly, so there’s
If you saturate toilet paper with the remover and slap it on your vertical surface it will stick there and hold it against the caulking. Practice a couple times with water to get a feel for the appropriate amount of moisture. Scrape off as much as po