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Personally, I would replace this tub; Tubs are cheap, relatively speaking, and if you have a large crack that's flexing, it may indicate impending failures elsewhere in the tub (part of the tub already couldn't handle the stresses). The major problem
Vacuum it out, preferably with a Wet-Dry or Shop Vacuum that has a thin nozzle attachment applied parallel with the seam or a floor sealing Water Pickup attachment applied perpendicular to the seam. To assist this operation you can tape the seam so t
How do I know which type of Rough-In-Valve I need for my Moen Faucet? There are four options for the one faucet I have chosen. We are currently keeping our tub and current plumbing but switching out the faucets. I have selected Oil Rubbed Bronze fauc
I removed the cement board to replace it, and discovered that the moisture had apparently penetrated the cement board and reached one group of studs: I don't see anything that looks obviously like mold, and there's no moisture palpable in the affecte
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is seeking an injunction against an apartment complex and its owner due to multiple code violations over the past year. According to a suit filed in Travis County, in June 2015 the Austin Code Department received a
A friend of mine is 45 years old, has no gray hair, and very good skin for her age. I wanted to find out if there was anything in her routine that could have been a reason for such youthful looks for her age (all without any surgery by the way!). Lea
Hi Hilly, I have just reno'd my Dads bathroom, and I have the same problem. Firstly, I used a plumber to install the new piping, which consisted of mixer taps in the shower, laundry, and basin, as these were recommended for arthritis sufferers. Howev
That is a Moen brand shower valve. It has a cartridge (plastic or brass) that inserts into the valve body, retained by a "U" shaped clip. The cartridges get sticky over time which can be remedied with waterproof plumber's grease but I would probably
If no water, or a spluttering supply, comes out of the hot tap when its opened, the likely cause is an air lock. If you have an automatic washing machine, and have both the hot and cold supplies connected, an effective remedy can be implemented quite
Chris, I have a Kohler Salient Porcelain enamel cast iron shower pan. My wife wants a frameless pivot door for this. With a 60