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It has wheels. Do you have any plans to move this thing? EVER? Because trailers flex, and there are two strategies for dealing with that. #1 make careful material choices so the trailer structure can flex without taking damage
From: Internet Comment [Summary]Beware of Lowe's installation (flooring, how much, roofing, Lowes) Advertisements Consumer Carpet Information: Home Depot, Lowe's Carpet Installation Home Improvement Sales Gimmicks By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert &am
Although aluminum siding used to be popular a few decades ago, there are still some house owner who still maintain the usage of this material for their house. Aluminum siding can also provide you with a durable and long-lasting exterior but sometimes
Vinyl siding (along with steel) is fastened to your walls with nails that aren't fully set. This allows lateral movement when the siding expands and contracts due to temperature change. Ideally, the nails are set just snug enough to eliminate in-out
I plan to put sheathing/wall insulation/wrap/siding on my 100 year old house. Think I got all the details of how to do this--really just nail it and seal with tape/caulk--except for what to do on the bottom where framing meets foundation walls. The h
****Edit** I have a vinyl quote with tear-out and new sheathing/house wrap for $2,400 -- the materials is $1475 and the labor is under $1k at $960. The guy has been doing only siding for 20 years -- has an awesome website and a ton of references, and
Our house is 40 year old. When we moved in, the basement was finished, but probably 30 years ago. Moldy indoor/outdoor carpet, no insulation behind the wood paneling
Looking at constructing a 12 x 16 building (shed) on 4x6 skids, on our rural mostly undeveloped property. I've been reading some of the back threads on T 1-11, and pricing out materials for the build. I like the look of hardieplank better than sheeti
Currently house-hunting, and one of the very cheap, in-need-of-work houses I've looked at has the unusual feature of a foundation-to-ceiling limestone wall inside, on one of the outer walls of the house. It's the rightmost rowhouse in a three-rowhous