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by Vlad K Last Updated February 17, 2016 01:09 AM Is it okay to use silicone to seal gas furnace heater supply ducts? If so, do you know how long the silicone will need to cure before the system is useable? Some background: I've been trawling around
Now that the mold problem under the sink has been fixed, it’s time to replace the sink so we can return to a normal life with modern plumbing in the kitchen. The steps for installing a new sink or replacing an existing sink are the same except if rep
Joe Truini: There’re very few caulking projects that require you to use a full tube of caulk, so it’s important to find a way to seal it so you can reuse it next time. Now I’ve seen people use duct tape and even wire nuts to seal it but these ideas d
If you saturate toilet paper with the remover and slap it on your vertical surface it will stick there and hold it against the caulking. Practice a couple times with water to get a feel for the appropriate amount of moisture. Scrape off as much as po
Ideally, you should fill the holes with some silicone. This is the best way to prepare a new surface to install new screws needed for re-mounting vinyl shutters. If you don’t plan to reinstall the shutters, fill the holes and repair the surrounding s
Silicone caulk helps keep moisture and air out of your home and can help prevent rotting and mould. While caulking your house, however, you might accidentally drop silicone caulk on your vinyl siding. If you don't remove it as soon as it falls, it mi
When choosing between a silicone and a latex caulk, the type of material it will be applied to and the location of. .