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The official instructions for the sink have 2 main points:1- includes countertop, sink sits on top of it2- has other cabinets on each side of the 36" cabinet where the sink sits. For me, there's not enough space for more than 1 cabinet, so I just hav
My bathroom sink kind of sprays out like this: Taking the aerator off reveals a nice stream and clean receptacle for the aerator. I disassembled the aerator and cleaned a number of chunks off of its screens, but this didn't improve things. The parts
Replace the drain pipe beneath your bathroom sink if it's corroded. Over time, water that sits in the bottom of the wall pipe and P-trap can begin to deteriorate the integrity of the metal, causing rust and corrosion. The wall pipe inserts into the h
1 Answer Dishawasher floods Two possible reasons come to my mind. First, and simplest, I've seen Dishwasher installations that did not use a air gap in the Dishwasher drain (usually a dome device mounted on the back of the kitchen sink or sometimes m
Wondering what the NEC code requirements are for Residential Kitchen outlets. I was told that the two wall outlets on either side of the kitchen sink have to be on separate circuits. The kitchen in my home has one circuit but has a GFCI on both outle
I'm hoping they didn't just mean lag bolts only. You'd want to at least put as big & thick as a washer that will fit in there under the lag bolts.
I am installing a utility sink in my basement and need to rework the drain pipe and standpipe for my washing machine in the process. Above is the original drain pipe and stand pipe that the washing machine used to drain into. I had to move the washin
1 Purchase a replacement parts kit from a reputable hardware store, such as Home Depot. The kit Home Depot sells is comprehensive in that it includes all of the washers and gaskets, springs, a new ball, and the plastic inset piece for the top of the
A modest sized object had fallen into my bathroom sink causing (I assume) the sink to drain slowly. That is, at first (after dropping the item) the sink seemed to drain fine but eventually it slowed to a bare minimum. The sink is a pedestal sink and
Disconnect the water supply lines from the underside of the faucet. Water supply lines that connect to kitchen sinks are most often flexible plastic tubing that connect on both ends, at the sink and the water shut off valve, with metal nuts. Because