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I have a skylight that is essentially a flashed plywood curb with a late 50's era glass paver that "cups" over top. No tar or caulk, just gravity holding it there. Now, because I'm an idiot, I decided to touch it during a kitchen remodel to clean up/
If cold, moist air is comming in from outside, then it would be unlikely to condense on a warmer (interior) surface. Condensation occurs where there is high humidity in a warm environment, which becomes cool. In this case the temperature inside is hi
A skylight can provide your home with daylighting and ventilation. When properly selected and installed, an energy-efficient skylight can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Skylight Design ConsiderationsBefore selecting a skylig
Velux SkylightsBefore installing the skylight, this contractor is building a curb around the roof opening and weaving the curb’s flashing into the shingles. A window on the roof lets in significantly more light than a vertical window, so even a small
I have a metal roof with a 5 degree pitch in a temperate climate (snowed once in 50 years). My living room equatorial facing Windows are largely blocked by my neighbors but I do get some sunlight coming thru clerestory Windows. I'd like more sunlight
Remove for sure. You can replace a skylight, throw down flashing around it, caulk it up and basically do a really good install in about 1-2 hours (not accounting demo as this is all over the place with skylights) per light. If you totally remove it y
Bathroom Mold Removal If mold has begun to grow in your bathroom you need to remove it immediately. You can use a sponge, cloth or scrubbing brush to clean mold off most bathroom surfaces and an old toothbrush to get into hard to reach places where m