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I think I have a good idea about how to go about this, but wanted to throw it out here to make sure I don't wander down the wrong path. I recently installed a new floor drain. I broke up the concrete in a circle around the old drain, maybe 14-18 inch
You do not want to just place the concrete tiles on native ground soil. A proper installation would be to dig out the native soil down to a solid base. Then lay in a layer of crushed rock to aid in water drainage
just bought a house where we've got an existing concrete slab porch that is 12" above the adjoining sidewalk and it does not have a step. We want to add in a large 6" tall x 3' wide x 11' long slab that will act both as the new step to the porch and
It doesn't look to me like the slab has shifted, since the crack appears level and isn't terribly wide. I would contact a concrete contractor, one that specializes in repairs, if there is erosion under the slab they can usually pump a slurry under it
PreCast FoundationAt the Acton, Mass. , project, Tom Silva shaved days off his tight schedule by using precast foundation panels for the addition. When they arrived at the job site, a crane simply lowered them onto compacted stone, where they were gl
Built in 2010, I moved in to my 3-bedroom, 2 bath home in Jan. 2011. The house has radiant in-floor heat (natural gas) and sits on a slab
My house is about 10 years old, and my husband and I bought it three years ago. Our water bill has been normal, at least I thought it was normal, until this summer when it skyrocketed. I thought it was maybe due to the fact that my husband accidental
One structure on our property is built slab on grade. Located in the US in climate zone 6. This is a heated space which we will be removing part of
Firstly find the volume of concrete in cu. m. Then if it is P
The info on this forum has been very helpfull, but I still have some questions regarding the concrete sealer. I will start to finish my 900 sq. ft