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We bought our 20 year old house in Fishers, IN (northeast Indy suburb) this past summer. Three days after moving in, we had the last of the bad summer storms. One of the pumps in our Triple Safe sump system had failed, and we had about 2–3 feet of carpet along the entire east wall saturated. In addition to sump overflow, we also saw evidence of water entering between the wall and slab. We decided to replace 2/3 of the interior drain tile.

Once that was opened up, they discovered our footer cracked in multiple locations, separating from the wall. 9 low profile piers later, the job was completed and restoration in place.

Christmas weekend was rather wet. We were out of town and when we got home we realized that power had been lost at some point. No problem, though, because we have a standby generator (never had one before). Well, the standby generator didn't start because whoever touched it last put the lid on backwards, choking the engine of air. This time, the entire...

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I have a sump pit in my basement with a pipe that comes from the drain tile. The drain tile does not see day light anywhere, it's all near the footings of the foundation.

I can feel a strong flow of air coming from the pipe. Where would that be coming from? Is that normal?

Here's a picture. The top of the picture is the exterior wall of the house, the pipe is coming in from the drain tile.

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Usually sump is used for various reasons. In a tropical/sunny regions water is harvested into the sump that falls on the roof during rainy season so that ground water gets replenished in between concrete jungles (cities).

Check when that kinda pipe is running nearby your surroundings. Sometimes air does flow due to tunneling effect based on seasonal changes and that none can tell. Another reason why that put holes are there is if the pit gets overflowed it will come out through that...

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The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics says it will intensify efforts to ensure that all lingering issues between the union and the Federal Government are resolved in 2018.

Usman Dutse, the ASUP National President, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos that the union would build on the successes recorded in 2017.

Dutse said the issue of the amendment of Polytechnic Act would be brought to the front burner, while the controversy over HND/B.Sc dichotomy would be resolved completely.

He said the ongoing negotiation between the union and the Federal Government would be completed as early as possible in 2018 for onward implementation.

He said: “There are some major things on the front burner in 2017 and we have already reached an agreement and signed a Memorandum of Settlement and Action with the federal government.

“Some of the things agreed upon, I believe, will be implemented immediately after the festivities.

“We hope to build...

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There are many ways to get your team to problem solve and come up with different kinds of creative solutions. The following problem solving activities offer a way to get your team thinking outside of the box and on the road to growing your team brain.

9 Dots Exercise

Challenge: To connect all 9 dots on the page by drawing 4 straight lines without lifting your pen from the page.

This exercise is an old exercise, but can be very effective to help people begin to think creatively. I would encourage you to do this exercise in three phases. There’s little preparation you need to do for this exercise, other than to understand the problem and know the solution.

The 9 dots exercise looks like this:

You can have these already printed out, or you can just have your team members draw it on their own (this is the method I prefer). If you have the pre-printed, you will need to print several to a page, because people will mess up and will try over and...

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Sump.exe file information

The process known as Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC belongs to software SpeedUpMyPC or Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC (version 2009) by Uniblue Systems ( or SpeedUpMyPC.

Description: Sump.exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. Sump.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 56,168 bytes (48% of all occurrences), 394,632 bytes and 7 more variants.
The file is a Verisign signed file. The file has a digital signature. The file is not a Windows system file. The program is not visible. The program listens for or sends data on open ports to a LAN or the Internet. Therefore the technical security rating is 22% dangerous, however you should also read the user reviews.

Uninstalling this variant: If you are having problems with sump.exe, you can do the following:

1) uninstall

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC



software via Windows Control...

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What Causes A Sump Pump System To Run Constantly Without Turning Off?

Sump pumps can run continually for many reasons, including a malfunction in the system, a high water table, or a plumbing issue.

One of the more common reasons for a sump pump failure occurs when the system begins to run continuously in your home.

A sump pump system that's constantly in operation can begin to overheat and break down. This is especially true if your sump pump is running when there's no water in the pit, as that water will help your system cool itself down during operation.

Most issues with continually running sump pump systems have easy causes and common-sense solutions, if the problem is solved in time.

At Basement Systems, we've spent more than 20 years designing and improving our award-winning sump pump systems with the common causes of sump pump failure in mind. As a result, we have we've created the most reliable sump pump system in the industry.


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did some research with android source and i tend to agree now with Commonsware that my code is right. I actually redesigned it 3 weeks ago to use packagemanager.resolveActivity instead of intent.resolveactivity: = context.getPackageManager(); try { Intent homeintent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN); homeintent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_HOME); homeintent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_DEFAULT);// seems not needed here since This is a synonym for // including // the CATEGORY_DEFAULT in your supplied Intent per doc this.resolveInfo = pm.resolveActivity(homeintent, PackageManager.MATCH_DEFAULT_ONLY); ActivityInfo activityInfo = resolveInfo.activityInfo; userHomeLauncherPackage = activityInfo.packageName; userHomeLauncherClass =; userHomeLauncherName = activityInfo.loadLabel(pm).toString(); if (userHomeLauncherClass.contains("ResolverActivity")) userHomeLauncherName = ""; } catch (Exception e) {...
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We’ve met a lot of clients over the years that have experienced maintenance issues with pre-existing sump pumps. In this post, we offer a few ideas on what’s causing these problems, and how to address them.

Sump pump system design is often the area that is most overlooked when designing or upgrading a mine processing plant.

Sump pumps such as submersible or vertical cantilever pumps can become an ongoing maintenance problem if the pump type, pump size and pump system is not properly designed.

Over the years we have been too many industrial accounts that have pre-existing collection sumps. We have seen sumps that range in design, shape and size. Our clients usually tell us they have personnel digging the sumps out multiple times per day because the pumps will not move the solids out of the sump. These pumps are usually suspended on chain hoists, with only a small portion of the pump submerged in the sump.

Common Problems with Sump Pump Systems


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Development: Solving Collective Action Problems

Posted by: Seth Kaplan Tags:

David Booth




overseas development institute


social divisions

Posted date: October 28, 2012 |



There has been a lot of deep thinking about development problems over the past decade or so. But for the most part, a better understanding about how countries progress has not translated into dramatic changes in the activities aimed at promoting it.

International development agencies now say they emphasize politics and seek to find “best fit” solutions tailored to individual country circumstances. However, as David Booth writes in a recent Africa...

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If you have a basement in Indiana, then you know all about sump pumps. The problem is that these things fail all the time. While it’s not to say that we have a fool-proof method for preventing 100% of failures, there are certainly some tips you can follow to better your chances of a properly working sump pump.

For years, sump pumps have been a pretty common fixture in homes, especially in lower-level areas of the country or in places where the rapid melting of heavy snow can cause flooded basements. The popularity of sump pumps have grown exponentially in the past couple decades, largely in part to a legal amendment to the US Federal Clean Water Act in 1987 that requires certain homes to have a sump pump, even if they are not necessarily high-risk for floods.

The American Society of Home Inspectors actually did a study that showed more than 60% of American homes suffer from underground wetness or water damage. And there’s a liklihood that an ever large percentage will...

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Pump Won't Start or Run

Float switch is not being raised high enough

Check to see if float ball is stuck on something. if so, remove obstacle. If need be, reposition pump or remount switch in new position so it cannot get stuck.

Water level might not be high enough to engage switch. Raise float manually or add water until float is at activation height to test switch.

Pump is not receiving enough electricity

Check outlet to ensure it has power. If not, replace fuse or reset breaker in home's fuse/breaker box.

Plug pump directly into an outlet without using an extension cord.

If extension cord MUST be used, ensure tat it is of a heavy enough gauge wire to support the length of cord and horsepower of pump you're using.

Check that wire providing power to the outlet where pump is plugged in is adequate.

Pump should be plugged into an outlet that is fed by its own circuit breaker (or fuse). If circuit breaker feeds...

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In order to discuss a high water table solution we must first define what exactly a water table is. Basically, a water table is the underground depth where the ground is totally saturated with water. There are a number of factors that contribute to the formation of the water table. The weather is a factor because every time it rains water seeps down into the water table. Snow can also affect the water table because every time that snow melts the water that it forms also seeps down into the water table.

Homeowners need to be concerned about a high water table primarily because it can lead to a leaky basement. At DrainCom we have been dealing with leaky basements for many years. When dealing with a leaky basement what we usually find under the basement concrete slab varies tremendously from finding completely dry soil to finding so much water that it looks like a small river.

Normally there is no need for concern for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA because the water...

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