Questions about: sound-proofing

This is the kind of door I have. But I don't know what's an effective way to soundproof it. As much as possible I don't wanna spend much money that could reach $20 and above
by bobharris Last Updated March 02, 2016 01:09 AM I am looking into sealing some plumbing edges for noise isolation. The plumbing goes between two levels. The levels are separated by some amount of concrete
This will be the first time I do tiling myself. The bathroom subfloor is concrete I believe. I am on a condo top floor so will need some sound insulation
Noise pollution is one of the unavoidable hazards of modern life, but you don’t have to let it overwhelm your home. Refrigerators tend to be noisy because they cycle on and off, and having an automatic ice maker adds to the general din. But you don’t
I'm asking this here to avoid being conned by "professional" roofers in India who either exaggerate their estimates or send highly unskilled labourers to do the job. This is the layout of a roof: D: Areas that are damagedH: Drainage holesP: Ponding a
The easy and fairly attractive solution is to use sound attenuation panels. You'll often see these in home theater settings. Hang them on the walls like you would a picture
Typically you want the basement insulation installed with the paper (vapor barrier) facing the heated part of the home. Moisture from inside air can condense and become trapped in the insulation during cold winter months leading to mold, especially a
Reducing the road noise when you're in the garden is more or less impossible in this situation. Chalk it up to poor urban planning that this is even a problem to begin with. Huh, maybe "planning" is part of the problem… Anyway, there's at least hope
First, figure out how the majority of noise is getting into the interior. Is it really coming through the windows? Or is it coming through the roof and ceiling and walls? Windows are the hardest to sound deaden, but you imply you are good with acoust
If your patio ideas include the feel of a stone enclosure around your paver patio and the benefits of addtional seating, then a block seating wall is your solution. Designed to fit most patio configurations, block seating walls can be strictly aesthe