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I have a small room in which a shower pump is located. This room is only separated from the rest of the house by a wooden door. The shower pump is located on top of some sort of vibration dampening material, which is itself located on top of a layer
I am planning to build a Cinema Home Theater at my home and here is my layout. I actually wanted some consultancy regarding the Sound Proofing and Exterior Walls Protection. The Layout, I just posted is on the exterior side of the building in a balco
Installing insulation in the wall cavities between the studs is necessary if you want your finished basement to feel warm. You have several choices in the type of insulation you choose. Friction fit fiberglass insulation with an R-value of about R-15
Soundproofing a room can be quite expensive, especially if you want a professional acoustic environment and need to opt for professional services. It’s next to impossible to completely soundproof your room without spending a lot of money. Thankfully,
There are a lot of options you could consider depending on your budget and opinion on "cheap". There are acoustic dampening windows you could look into if you have a higher budget and don't mind replacing your window. If you're sure that the main sou
Background I'm installing a new ceiling in the kitchen of the bottom unit of a multi-family home. The house is quite old and uses 2x8 (actually 2"x7. 5", not 1
Inexpensive or Mobile: This is a rented place, I don't want to spend too much money into this if I cannot move/reuse the materials to a new place. So, my questions are, which material is best for my use case? Steel cage with plywood walls? or Steel c
I've attempted to build a reasonably soundproof music room in my basement and can tell you it is a tall order. I built a room when finishing my basement using double drywall with Green Glue, a floating double drywall ceiling with hat channel and isol
Hi All,We've just bought an old Victorian house and are in the process of doing it up. We've lifted all of the original floorboards (took a long time - hoping to relay them) and now want to insulate/sound proof. A few questions about putting the insu
Noise coming from outside of the house is really annoying especially when it is already late at night. You can use various ways depending on how high is the level of sound that is entering through the door. Try it by closing the door and listen to th