Soundproofing windows against air traffic noise


First, figure out how the majority of noise is getting into the interior. Is it really coming through the windows? Or is it coming through the roof and ceiling and walls?

Windows are the hardest to sound deaden, but you imply you are good with acoustic foam on the windows?! What about bricking (in a removable way) over the window?

An existing space can be quieted substantially with heavy draperies from ceiling to floor. Not just on the windows, but on the walls.

A drop ceiling installed under an existing ceiling also helps. That also allows placement of additional insulation.

No idea what the limits are for UK rentals, but they seems to be a lot more loosey-goosey than in the...

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It is no consolation to suggest that you will eventually get used to the noise and be able to live with it. Many can, but around half a Million people move home every year citing the primary reason for the move as “Noise”.

Worse still, research in 2007 by the World Health organisation suggested that as many as 3 in every 100 heart disease deaths could actually be cause by noise, or lack of peace and quiet. Read more about this study, reported by the Telegraph here.

If you are reading this, you are probably well aware how of how frustrating it is to have to put up with external noise and you are keen to understand how to stop the noise getting in. Before we get to that it does help to understand how sound “works”. If we can understand it, then we can deal with it!

Understanding How Noise Gets into You Home

Sound cannot travel in a vacuum, period! Sound is a compression wave and it must have something to travel through, most typically air, or it will...

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Find out how Soundproof Windows helped this frustrated homeowner sell his home by stopping the traffic noise.

The Traffic Noise was too Loud

Please click on the photos below to see close ups.

A Typical Northern California Freeway

There was nothing wrong with the home other than being situated next to a noisy freeway with an estimated 67,000 commuters per day!

Solution to Traffic Noise

Mr. B. decided to have Soundproof Windows installed and took the house off the market because of the traffic noise. As you can see from the photos, this was quite a job not only due to the sheer number of windows, but also because of the odd shapes and locations. Soundproof Windows came in, measured, manufactured and installed 21 windows and doors in record time.

After Soundproofing

After installing Soundproof Windows, Mr. B’s house sold in just 21 days! And not a single visitor during that time mentioned any concern about the...

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As beautiful as San Francisco may be, the traffic can be just as noisy as it is horrendous. Living in San Francisco puts you right in the middle of all that traffic noise, so while the views of the city are beautiful from almost every window, soundproofing your windows in San Francisco may be the only way to truly enjoy the city's beauty in full.

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Soundproofing Against Freeway Noise

Castle Window Covers reduce the traffic noise coming through your windows by up to 70%m allowing you to enjoy a nice, quiet night in, an opportunity to sleep in on the weekends, or just some much-needed peace and quiet any time of day or night. You hear the exhaust, the honking, the sirens, the engines revving and even the annoying, loud stereo systems going by your home all the time. It's time to be able to relax with your new, soundproof windows.

The traffic noise in...

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I just bought a house with 3 windows facing a main road and there is excessive traffic and car noise. I am looking into soundproofing the windows as the noise is so loud it is difficult to sleep. I used to live in a home on the same road and it had secondary windows installed. Those secondary windows blocked almost all the traffic noise. It was extremely quiet because the secondary windows were made from something called Silence glass. I do not have tons of money to install secondary windows in my new house. Are there better alternatives or a cheaper way to block traffic noise from coming through the windows without spending too much money?

There are other options besides secondary windows. Some are a fast and cheap alternative and some may cost a bit more. Here are some tips and tricks to help you to soundproof a window…

Check for any air gaps and seal them off with expanding sealer foam.Apply a thick rubber double sided insulation tape around the window...
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I came across an interesting question posted on Slashdot recently...

"I live at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in my city (pop. 350k). Although I've replaced all windows, insulated, and caulked every square inch of the place, the fire trucks and cars with obnoxious stereos still regularly intrude on my home office. Most of the noise comes in through the windows. I'm considering mounting an oblong parabolic reflector in the ceiling above the windows with a steady feed of white or brownian noise directed into it (e.g., via a small speaker placed within the reflector) to create a 'wall' of sound that would act as a buffer to the outside world. Active noise cancellation would be nice, too, but that's probably more than I want to take on. I don't see any products on the market for this sort of thing. Does anyone have any experiences to share with similar homebrew noise remediation efforts?"

To summarize...

The questioner...
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Road Traffic Noise

Published on Wednesday, 21 October 2015 17:30

The Installer’s View…on road traffic noise soundproofing.

TP Soundproofing was contacted with a domestic soundproofing case of severe road traffic noise effecting the entire house. Our customer has a beautiful house with a really nice interior with stunning views, but the detached house was located right on the busy Birmingham Road near Redditch. The customer was concerned because the road noise of cars, motor bikes and a large HGV lorries was entering the property. This was intern effecting the families sleep and everyday life.

It is a well known fact that noise pollution can effect one’s health, and broken sleep will raise blood pressure and have a detrimental effect on your health.

The customer was promised window soundproofing by a well known double glazing company, but unfortunately the window installation team did not perform to a high...

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With the never-ending sprawl of our cities, what used to be quiet streets have become major thoroughfares. The impact of the increase in traffic noise on residential and office occupants can be debilitating. For homes, the impact of traffic noise on sleep can have long term affects and the inability for office workers to concentrate due to the traffic noise does have productivity consequences.

Sound Barrier Systems have over 30 years of experience in reducing the impact of traffic noise from people’s lives. We have installed thousands of patented double glazing soundproof window and soundproof door solutions into homes and offices throughout Sydney. The quality of our work has meant we have been granted the status of approved supplier to the R.T.A. Noise Abatement Program so you can be confident that we can remove the traffic noise from your dwelling.

Sound Barrier is unique in the market in that we design and construct the joinery for your home or office that...

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SGG STADIP SILENCE contains a special acoustic interlayer which not only bonds the glass but also acts as a dampening core between the glass panes, preventing sound frequencies vibrating from one pane of glass to the other.

Normal windows have a `resonant frequency`, at which they vibrate more significantly reducing their acoustic insulating performance. Stadip Silence Glass in secondary windows will considerably reduce the passage of sound frequency.

Additional benefits are its full compliance as a security and safety glass with the benefit of UV filtration helping protect furnishings from fading.

SGG STADIP SILENCE is ideal for any application in the home where there is a need to insulate against excessive noise levels. It is particularly effective against traffic noise when used in windows facing onto busy roads....

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One of the more common complaints about houses with poor build quality is noise transfer, both from outside sources but in particular between the rooms in the house itself. The ability, if that is the right word, to hear someone having a wee from distant corners of the house is many people’s worst fear — and poor acoustics is something that could, and should, be considered at the design stage of a project.

The Building Regulations for sound (Part E in England and Wales) are split into two sections: E1 and E2.

E1 looks at protection from noise from adjoining buildings (flats, terraces, semis) E2 deals with sound transmission within the home itself.

Part E was rewritten in 2003 and E1 in particular has proven to be very successful in reducing the number of noise complaints between neighbours. E1 party wall and party floor sound reduction levels were increased significantly in the revision. However, the improvement in E2 protection levels was limited and their current...

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The process of soundproofing windows is called plugging, in which we are going to fill the window space with thick foam to keep out the unwanted sound. Now, while you are doing so, unfortunately you would be blocking the sunlight from penetrating into your room too. But, you can always create a frame or plug which can be detached from the window to allow the sunlight in.

Step #1
Firstly, identify if there are any cracks or spaces around the edges of the window. You can discover them by just placing your hand around the edges, and if you feel the air, that's the spot or crack you are looking for. Mark all these spots. Now, use the acrylic sealant to fill in these cracks and gaps thoroughly. With this major part of your job is done. Let's get to the next step.

Step #2
Now look at your window and decide the space you want to soundproof. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the dimensions of the window and write them down, in case you forget. Since...

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Soundproofing windows

Our retrofit double glazing can provide noise reduction through your existing window of up to 70% .

Noise reduction Windows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in a building. In residential areas, noise pollution caused by traffic, trains, neighbours or aircraft can seriously affect your comfort, health and property value. In commercial buildings external noise can disturb concentration and affect the efficiency and quality of work performed.

Soundproofing windows is a reliable way to reduce noise and regain comfort. The most effective way to achieve effective noise reduction for windows is to add a secondary system that stops air leaks and has a large air cavity to buffer the noise.

Option of double glazing systems to provide effective noise reduction for windows in your home or office. designed to maximise the acoustic air cavity, minimise the noisy air leaks and come in various thicknesses to soundproof...

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Scott Warrick of Bloomington, Ind. has a noise problem outside his house: jackhammers. "I'm enduring three months of daily jackhammering as they tear down a local school."

Excessive noise entering your house is a problem. It can stress you out, make you irritable, and, when it comes to heavy machinery and lengthy exposure, can potentially affect your hearing, too.

Here are soundproofing measures homeowners can take to reduce outside noise from entering their castle. Some of these have the bonus of reducing heating and cooling costs, too.

Consider the windows

Windows are a prime source of sound transmission. There are soundproofing measures you can take inside and out to muffle them. On the outside, investigate the seal around the window itself. Combining inexpensive, easy-stick weatherizing strips and new caulk helps seal both acoustic and energy leaks. Consider adding storm windows if you don't have them and if the noise is persistent.

On the...

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Anyone have any suggestions for sound dampening in a high rise apt near a freeway?

Hello, thanks in advance to any suggestions or advice! My parents live in a high rise condo in downtown chicago (600 n lake shore drive) on a low floor, right next to lake shore drive. There is constant traffic noise from cars going by on lake shore drive. The constant buzz of cars going by as well as motorcycles in the summertime make it hard for them to sleep and or relax. They bought the unit pre construction and when they went next door to the W hotel at around the same height they didn't hear much noise so they assumed it would be just as quiet. Obviously developers sometimes cut corners and with multiple windows I don't see much of solution other than installing aftermarket windows over the current ones which is not ideal in terms of looks (creates a window grid look as well as reducing the feeling of space). At higher floors of this high rise the noise is drowned out, but...

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Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. There are several basic approaches to reducing sound: increasing the distance between source and receiver, using noise barriers to reflect or absorb the energy of the sound waves, using damping structures such as sound baffles, or using active antinoise sound generators.

Two distinct soundproofing problems may need to be considered when designing acoustic treatments - to improve the sound within a room (See anechoic chamber), and reduce sound leakage to/from adjacent rooms or outdoors. Acoustic quieting, noise mitigation, and noise control can be used to limit unwanted noise. Soundproofing can suppress unwanted indirect sound waves such as reflections that cause echoes and resonances that cause reverberation. Soundproofing can reduce the transmission of unwanted direct sound waves from the source to an involuntary listener through the use of distance and...

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by Chris Woodford. Last updated: December 18, 2016.

Sound is wonderful—think of Beethoven or birdsong. But sound we don't want to hear, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, is simply noise: a nuisance that can make life stressful and work, study, or sleep impossible. If you're plagued by a noise problem, the simplest approach is to kill the sound at its source, but sometimes that's just not an option. If you live near a construction site, a noisy bar or nightclub, or you have an elderly, forgetful neighbor who plays the TV through your wall at full blast, getting the volume turned down may be very hard work. Maybe you have the reverse problem: perhaps you have a noisy occupation or hobby—you might be a practicing musician or a DJ—and you want to spare the people around you from suffering the sounds you make. Either way, your thoughts have probably turned to soundproofing. Just what is it and how does it work? Let's take a closer look!

Photo: Acoustic...

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Our retrofit double glazing can provide noise reduction through your existing window of up to 70%

Windows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in a building. In residential areas, noise pollution caused by traffic, trains, neighbours or aircraft can seriously affect your comfort, health and property value. In commercial buildings external noise can disturb concentration and affect the efficiency and quality of work performed.

Soundproofing windows is a reliable way to reduce noise and regain comfort. The most effective way to achieve effective noise reduction for windows is to add a secondary system that stops air leaks and has a large air cavity to buffer the noise.

Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing systems provide effective noise reduction for windows in your home or office. Both Magnetite® and Soundtite are designed to maximise the acoustic air cavity, minimise the noisy air leaks and come in various thicknesses to soundproof against...

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While noise keeping you awake may seem to be a simple problem, the solutions are not simple!

Sleeping with headsets? You bet! Want to block traffic noise or reduce your partners snoring?

Sound Blocking Totally Guaranteed!

Need help getting to sleep, or sleeping?

Some of this may be hard to believe:

Why don’t earplugs alone work well? Earplugs don’t cover the mastoid bone behind your ear as well as headsets do. That’s also why “Lightweight” or cheap smaller headsets don’t work well. We’ve been asked: “What if I wear both”? The answer is that while there will be some improvement over headsets alone, it will not be very great, but really well worth it. We give you a free set of earplugs with each headset and you can get more from your local drugstore, if need be.

Most of these professional units we sell have a special liquid ear seal for maximum noise reduction and...

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Welcome to Melbourne’s finest secondary window glazing company!

Tried, tested and perfected over 40 years.

Looking for sound proofing glass windows? There’s no need to replace your pre-existing windows to attain double glazing in your home or business. Sound Proof Window’s retrofit secondary window glazing service is basically soundproofing for your existing windows! Able to conduct flawless window reglazing works in and around Melbourne Sound Proof Glazing can strengthen your windows and reduce outside noise from coming into your home or office.

Sound Proofing Glass Windows

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits to be gained from Double Glazing and now the additional convenience of Secondary Double Glazing - the installation of a new, fully independent secondary window on the room side of your existing window. This is sound-proofing double glazing at its finest – inexpensive and incredibly efficient.

At Sound Proof Glazing we...

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Acoustic Performance & Testing

Chiltern Dynamics, market leaders in acoustic testing and modelling, found our products capable of reducing noise levels by over 50db – that’s enough to make a passing motorbike sound like a purring cat. It’s also one of the most obvious benefits that our residential customers mention to us after we’ve renovated their home.

High & Low Frequency

Low frequency noise can result in actual vibration of the glazing, meaning the problem can get progressively worse. The general “rumble” of traffic noise, passing aircraft, heavy goods vehicles, buses, taxis, train and railway noise, these tend to fall in the low frequency category. In these instances, secondary glazing with thicker glass, fitted correctly, can make the world of difference.

With a comprehensive product range and portfolio that spans all major sectors, Granada has supported renovations to some of the UK’s most iconic, historic buildings. Here, the aesthetics are...

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