Questions about: splicing

I really strongly do not go this route with 120 v 30 amp circuit the code is pretty spefic on this one espcally true with HID's { belive me I done this all the time with large commercal / Industrail complexs } you will end up using more wires and cir
I have a 48 X 10 second floor deck with 6X6 posts. I want to add a roof above about half of it. It is not feasible to replace the 6X6's with longer ones as I would basically end up replacing the deck, and it just wouldn't be a safe process
You should not be splicing lamp wires outside the fixture or lamp. If you need to splice in the middle of a run you should replace the cord. Inside a fixture or lamp no heat shrink is required or needed
I am interconnecting some strip lights in a closet. They are linkable LED fixtures which each come with a connector cable to link, optionally, to additional fixtures. The connector cables are a bit short for what I have in mind, but I need to use the
The use of these devices is limited to specific situations, which are described in 334. 40(B) of the National Electrical Code. The 2011 version of the code had this to say
Disconnecting Switch Generator Neutral Grounding Equipment Specifying the ratings for a disconnecting switch for neutral grounding equipment. I am installing a disconnect switch between the wye connection of a synchronous generator and neutral ground