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Stair hand rails are primarily supported at the top and bottom by the newel posts. While some additional support is needed in a span over 5 or 6 feet, the handrail does not need dozens of braces. You will often see an inside wall handrail with attach
make concrete stairs can be attractive with the help of its wood finish Gray, rough concrete not overcame in a private home, if it is certainly not a design idea. To ensure that such a staircase fits into the interior, it is lined with wooden decorat
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Hi there. I live in an old house that was renovated on the CHEAP back in 2003. They added a second floor at the time
The box itself is needed to pull this off, the box must shoulder against the wall to stop any flexing. Typically, you'd install picture frames of 2x4's on the wall, screwed (preferably Lag Screwed) into the studs & floor joists. I wouldn't go any
Staircase Landings, Add a Landing to Existing Stairs — Staircase Landings provide a place to stop and rest or change the direction of a staircase. In most cases, adding a landing in the middle of a stairway is not very difficult and the average homeo
It looks like time and weather have washed out the soil under the original steps. It is hard to tell if those stones were laid on a substantial foundation, or if the whole thing was just laid down on soil. The cheap/dirty/quick way would be to shovel
Follow internal walls up through your structure. Starting at the basement (or, if you don't have one, the first floor), locate your internal walls, which, as you can probably guess, are the walls inside your four external walls. Follow each internal
I currently have some angled stairs going from my garage into the home. To the left of these stairs is a closet that I'm going to take out to allow more open space in the garage. Directly to the right of the angled stairs are the stairs leading to th