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OSB is used for one of two reasons in my area: just builder's grade prepackaged stairs. I can order a set of stairs for a couple hundred and have them installed in a basement in 2 hours by getting OSB (I never do this but could). in a cheaply built h
I've been looking around the internet, and I've seen quite a few stair renovations using common boards with a square edge rather than bull nose stair treads. Code, wear and tear? The common boards are definitely less expensive and have a larger stock
Curved staircase This design is an excellent example of a bespoke curved staircase incorporating a turn of 150°. To achieve as clean and fluid a turn as possible, a curved landing was included between steps 10 and 12, allowing an uninterrupted curve
Stairs are often neglected when it comes to interior design. They do often get decorated in simple ways during the holidays, but mostly they are just another thing in your home with no special attention given. Think of how often you use the stairs, a
Hi everyone, solid Red Oak floors are just about done and we've saved the best for last. .
Stair skirts are like baseboard for your stairs. They add a polished touch to staircases and are especially important to have (I think) on wooden staircases. You'll see them running along the wall like classic baseboard and also under the side of the
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Stair hand rails are primarily supported at the top and bottom by the newel posts. While some additional support is needed in a span over 5 or 6 feet, the handrail does not need dozens of braces. You will often see an inside wall handrail with attach
make concrete stairs can be attractive with the help of its wood finish Gray, rough concrete not overcame in a private home, if it is certainly not a design idea. To ensure that such a staircase fits into the interior, it is lined with wooden decorat
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