Questions about: steel

Preface:Southwest Nebraska - Zone 5B - I experience all four seasons. Hot summers that can be humid some years. Cold winters
This can be done with hardwood strips, but it's definitely better to go with steel. But No, the strips should not be on the top or bottom, those won't do anything.
You can use a scroll saw to cut it out. A scroll saw is similar to a jigsaw because it has a short, removable blade. These kind of saws are designed for very smooth and fine cuts that other saws aren't capable of
A Nibbler, is a tool that is used for cutting thin metal. A heavy duty nibbler is usually capable of cutting up to 14 gauge steel. I'm not sure what gauge metal is used for mini kegs, so this tool may not be appropriate in your situation
I'm building a platform 22. 5-23. 5" high in a space 88" by 62-64", supports on three side but one free span side for a bed to slide out - the long side, of course
I think the only viable low-profile solution considering hollow-core doors is full bracketing on 24-32" centers. You can get away with brackets that extend 1/2 to 2/3 the depth of the top if they're well-anchored to the wall. There will be considerab
I would like your suggestions/experience/opinions on designing steel windows+patio doors, using hollow sections (RHS as they call them) and angle sections. The window style I have in mind (but can not afford to buy and transport to my country) are th
I've seen similar questions but I'm still stuck for an answer, so I hope someone can help. .
Unistrut service co display part p1000 unistrut. Technical help? No one knows the engineering side of unistrut support systems much. Many unistrut 1 5 8' (41mm) channel sections are available as curved this smaller size can be used to carry light loa