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I've seen similar questions but I'm still stuck for an answer, so I hope someone can help. .
Unistrut service co display part p1000 unistrut. Technical help? No one knows the engineering side of unistrut support systems much. Many unistrut 1 5 8' (41mm) channel sections are available as curved this smaller size can be used to carry light loa
What type of screwdriver setup is best to use for attaching drywall to nonstructural steel studs? Yesterday, I tried using my dedicated drywall screwdriver with fine-threaded drywall screws (which specifically advertised they could be used with light
Next came removal of surface rust from the saw's table and wings. We wet down the surface with kerosene as a cutting lubricant and left it alone to penetrate while we ate lunch. To buff the rust away, we chucked up a variable-speed electric drill wit
I am building a suspended terrace as per the image below The terrace is 1. 5 metres deep, and has two long sides of around 9m and 4. 5 metres
First, Watch this youtube video: Scissor Sharpening - with Paul Sellers It's 17 minutes long, but if you keep watching he gives lot's of good information about working on scissors. You really must watch all of it. Now, I totally agree with MK
I'm building a man cave in the corner of my garden, the base is finished already, now I'm planning the build from the ground up The structure will be 2. 5 metres high and will have a flat roof (rubber). The images below show a very crude plan I did o
I'm planning a permanent greenhouse structure that will be attached on one wall to my house. The estimated size will be about 16ft wide, 45ft long, with the lowest wall being approximately 9ft tall and sloping up to about 15ft. I will be fabricating/