Stem puller for shower


Getting Started

Tub and shower faucets work much like sink faucets, but they are oriented horizontally rather than vertically and their parts are usually larger. A two-handle stem shower faucet has a stem with a washer that presses against a seat to seal off water. A three-handle unit adds a stemlike diverter to direct water up to the shower or down to the tub spout.

Getting the parts
Often leaks can be fixed simply by replacing the washers. Even if you need to replace the seats or stems, it's easier to repair than to replace an old shower faucet, because replacement requires opening the wall. If parts are hard to find, order them at a plumbing-supply...

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Moen Faucet Stem and Cartridge Puller

If you have ever moaned about removing a Moen cartridge, this is the removing tool for you!

Features:Removes Moen stems and cartridges from faucets and shower valves Removes cartridge even after only the center stem portion is removed Click here to see how this wrench works

Stem & Cartridge Puller = $22.12

to "Ram Bits" (fittings saver) - to metal nipple boxes

please note that we do not take back (even slightly) used tools as we do not sell used tools

"BIG YANK" Faucet Handle Puller

Features:Helps pull stubborn handles off of...
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Your faucet uses a system of valves and handles to control the temperature and flow of water in your bathtub or shower. In many cases, faucet problems stem from one of these components. Replacing or repairing a faucet isn’t difficult, but the process will vary based on your plumbing and the nature of the issue. Here’s a look at a variety of solutions for your troublesome faucet or valve.

On This Page:

Steps to Replace/ Install Faucet by Type Single-handle/Single Valve Double-handle 3-handle Ball or Thermostatic Faucets Additional Considerations Tub Spout Diverter Replacement Steps Repairing a Leak Installation by Brand Kohler Moen Delta Is It Time To Upgrade? Hiring a Pro

How to Replace or Install Valves by Faucet Type

Important note: Be sure to turn off the water before you begin. If you can’t find the valve that turns off the shower, turn off the water to the entire house (should be in basement or outside). Then turn on the shower and let...

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