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Recently we had a homeowner inquire with us as to how to hang an art display on a stone fireplace. This person has a beautiful stone fireplace in his home (as you’ll soon see in the photos below) that he didn’t want to mar by putting holes into eithe
Countertop Compatibility: Best suited for solid surface countertop materials like granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete. NOT well suited for laminate or tile counters, which have too many weak points along seams and grout lines to support the weigh
It looks like time and weather have washed out the soil under the original steps. It is hard to tell if those stones were laid on a substantial foundation, or if the whole thing was just laid down on soil. The cheap/dirty/quick way would be to shovel
It seems that your problem is likely due to movement of the supporting soil under the stones, so your idea of a bordering strip to stabilize lateral movement is a good one. A strip of concrete only an inch wide would be difficult to create and probab
When you rent an old house, drafty doors and windows come with the territory. While sealing a drafty door should be a landlord expense, this is one fix-it project you can manage on your own at very little cost. Sealing a drafty door will make your ho
The processes that create fossil fuels are complex, and take place over extremely long periods of time. The oil and gas we use today began as plants and animals living millions of years ago. When the living things died, layers of sediment buried thei
http://www. RockTheFireplace. com/ Stone Veneer Installation over a Brick Fireplace
A handrail on a stair system usually terminates at a newel post. The newel post is secured into the floor or last stair in the staircase and at the top of the stairway. The installation is different for the top and bottom because of the angle of the
1 Start by getting a lot of stones, fairly consistent with the size of the wall you're building. Get big stones for a big wall, smaller stones for a smaller wall. Make sure you have a good supply of smaller stones that can fill gaps
Well, these 'issues' so to speak are rather commonly seen on smaller construction sites (at my area of living) and are result of problems/mistakes while concrete laying. Probably all of them (as far as I can see from these pictures) are made by poor