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All this "glorified medicine cabinet" talk is a little bit uncalled for. These are actually called "Structured Media Enclosures" by the manufacturers, and for many (most or virtually all) home networking and video distribution installations they're a
A typical dehumidifier and air conditioner are fundamentally the same thing. They use vapor compression refrigeration to move heat from one heat exchanger to another. Both have a cold side, which cools air that flows across it, causing condensation;
What I am looking for? I am trying to find a source which is stating typical heat loss coefficient of a thermal energy storage or a buffer tank. Problem Most of the resources I've found so far, rather than stating the heat loss rate in the format of
Resin Patio Storage BenchIt is a combination of two-in-one thing. On the one hand we have a very interesting bench on which you can sit while spending time in the garden. On the other hand, riseing cover of the bench revealing a hollow interior which
My pantry doesn't have air conditioning, and recently I noticed (using a cheap wall-mounted liquid thermostat) that the pantry itself got up to 85°f degrees (it was >100°f outdoors). I don't know what temperature it got within the cabinets, but it