Strange White Box in New Apartment


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The Music Box combines inspirational architecture and outstanding interiors to create a unique new landmark for Southwark, with the lower levels shared with the London Centre of Contemporary Music.

For information about Taylor Wimpey Central London please click here

The Music Box is designed with incredible attention to detail, from the outside in. Note the contemporary glass exteriors, sitting atop the glazed white brickwork base, with hints of musical notes running along its...

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Three years ago, I made a fateful decision to move into the strangest apartment building in New Haven, which also happens to be the old Chapel Square Mall:

… which apparently looked like this.

Now. It looks like this:

Yep, that’s right. I live in an old mall. And it is weird.

In a month or so, I shall be leaving this weird place, but before I go, I’d like to take you on a little tour through New Haven’s Strangest Apartment building.

If you’ve ever walked downtown, you’ve almost certainly seen it:

Oooh that’s right, it’s a fancy-ass revolving door. So you know it’s gonna be a pretty fancy building, right? Er… sort of?

So what is the first thing you see in the lobby? Is it the plethora of Amazon boxes or the weird smell from the garbage? Nope.

It’s this monstrosity:

That’s right, the one thing a lobby absolutely does not need: A giant, curved video screen which only plays CNN all day, every...

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You read the lease and there it is: you are not allowed to paint the walls without landlord’s permission. You had your heart set on sky blue ceiling with a few puffy clouds and your favorite mint green walls. Now you have to live with Landlord White or Decorator White, White Dove, Linen White, Super White or any of the other whites your landlord’s palette includes. Yes, there’s an endless variety of whites, so your landlord will never have to use any other color.

However, before you despair, there are plenty of tricks that can bring color into your new apartment, without a paint brush in sight. All of these tried-and-true renter-friendly products let you have your color and still get your deposit back at the end of the lease.

1. Wall Art

The easiest way to add color is to hang art on your walls. Actually, white walls are ideal for showing off your photos, prints and paintings and bringing your personality to your room. You can also experiment with wall...

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I was meaning to mention something like that but I never got around to it. You don't specifically need cotton and microfiber to reproduce it. Other materials can work just fine, but cotton is still good). Wool blankets or furry slippers dragged across the floor will do it very well. It's easiest to reproduce the effect when it's very dry. And this is often the case in the winter time when the heater is going (effectively drying the air). And that's the same time of the year that the blankets, slippers, robes and pajamas are out too! Don't bother trying to reproduce the effect when it's humid.

Perhaps the absolute easiest way to reproduce it, is on a dry, winter evening/night do some laundry (if you have an automatic laundry dryer, that is). If your automatic dryer has a light bulb in that lights up when the dryer door is open, unscrew the light bulb. (You want it as dark as possible, and you don't want the light to go on when the door is open.) Dry up a bunch of...

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strange box

is a

discontinued item

that was given to players by the

Mysterious Old Man

. When opened, it presented the player with a puzzle; they had to pick which shape held which number, or vice versa, on a spinning box. Upon completing the puzzle the player received


, gems (






, or


) or a

half key


Ignoring the strange box resulted in spawning of even more strange boxes. The strange box only stacked when there were no available spaces for it to spawn another box into. Casting high or low alchemy on the box, dropping it, or banking it also caused another box to spawn.

If the player received the strange box when they had a full inventory, the old man instead teleported them to a maze.

Effective on the 25 February 2009 update, all player-owned mystery boxes were automatically converted to Random event gifts and the Mysterious Old Man stopped giving them to...

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8/7-9 Archibald Street, Box Hill
Shannon Manley

Look no further this is the one that you have been looking for!
This very well kept apartment is located right in the middle of all action that is Box Hill. A short walk to Box Hill Train Station, Tram Stop, Shopping and beautiful parklands, this property ticks all the boxes. This near new apartment will sure impress anyone that inspects it!

*One spacious bedroom with built in robes
*Open plan living
*Modern kitchen with electric stove top, oven, dishwasher and ample storage space
*Modern central bathroom with separate shower
*Split system in living area
*Intercom system
*Good size balcony
*One underground car space with storage cage

This property is available from 17th August 2017.
Available to view as per the advertised inspection times or call us today for an appointment

Ray White Box...

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Strange as it may seem, many of New York's public libraries aren't just institutions of learning - they also hide secret apartments that were once home to their custodians.

Tasked with keeping the libraries' coal furnaces going every hour of the day and night - to avoid books spoiling in the cold and damp - the custodians and their families would never be able to go too far from the building, so they were given rooms above their charges.

With the advent of modern central heating, however, the need for custodians dwindled, and now many of those once cosy dwellings lie forgotten and decaying, Atlas Obscura reported. Here is a fascinating glimpse inside one such home, above the Fort Washington library in Manhattan, courtesy of photographer Zach Gross.

On the books: New York's Carnegie Libraries, which were founded by Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the 1800s and 1900s, have secret apartments - including the Fort Washington branch (left on...

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Living with strange odors can take all the pleasure out of coming home. Maybe it’s musty, stale, or smells like fresh paint. Weird odors don’t have to be permanent, though. Here are some ways you can get rid of it and make the smell less noticeable.

Air out your apartment.

You may not be stuck with a serious problem on your hands. The smell may be because the carpet was cleaned after the previous tenant moved out, and the unit has been locked up ever since. The moisture and lack of ventilation would create a musty, stuffy smell. The smell will get better over time, but speed it up by opening the windows to circulate fresh air and let sunlight in. Sunlight will help kill bacteria and consequently, odors.

Give your apartment a deep cleaning.

Get rid of all the dirt that could be contributing to the odors by giving your apartment a good cleaning. Wipe down hard surfaces with cleaning solution, don’t forget the hard-to-clean spots too. Refrigerators...

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It might be a program that opens but doesn't display correctly. Restart the computer and when it starts up and the box appears, close all of the other windows that are open and...

First, right click the taskbar (where all of the open apps, Start button and search bar show up).
Then, click Task Manager.
Then, click the More Details button if you cannot see the tabs at the top of Task Manager.
Then, click the Processes tab.
Then, click "Name" under the Processes tab if there is no gray arrow above it pointing up. The apps in the list should be categorized as "Apps", "Background Processes", etc.

Is there a program under "Apps"?

Or if you Alt-Tab, does the box show up in the Alt-Tab menu and does it have a title (like this)?

Try disabling Startup programs one-by-one if you can't figure out what the program is.

First, right click the taskbar.
Then, click Task Manager.
Then, click the More Details button if...

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Toronto-based StudioAC has remodelled the interior of a local apartment for a young client, balancing a bright and open living space with a cosy bedroom tucked away inside a millwork box.

A young professional asked the designers to create an interior "that was equally fun, functional and unique" for the Broadview Loft project.

The designers partitioned off a bedroom and changing room from the rectangular floor plan. The resulting L-shaped living area wraps around the private spaces.

A rounded archway provides the entrance to the sleeping nook, where the bed rests on a slightly elevated platform. The pronounced entry and offset height help to signal a transition.

The box's interior alternates between white walls and plywood finishes. The balance creates a space that is at once clean and warm.

To the right of the nook's threshold, a thin opening leads into a walk-in-closet.

Drapery can be unfurled to cover the entrance to the millwork box and...

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CST White Box apartment is a project designed in 2013 by...

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A good architect knows how to get the most out of every square inch of potential in a small space without sacrificing a sense of openness. Even if you don't have the budget to work directly with an architect, you might find some inspiring ideas just by clicking through their projects online. When you're setting up or rearranging your own home, it can be helpful to see how others have solved similar problems.

Platt Dana Architects
New York-based architects Hope Dana and Kate Platt understand the beauty of the built-in. Whether working in a small space or a large open-plan room, the architects make consistent use of wall-to-wall shelving.

Normal Projects
New York designers Michael Chen and Kari Anderson combine architecture with industrial design and custom furniture-making. Their residential projects include studios and one-bedrooms equipped with multi-purpose custom storage pods.

Ofis Architects
This Slovenian firm is worth checking...

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Ahead of its October 15th UK DVD release courtesy of Momentum Pictures, we’ve nabbed a quick look at the paranormal mind games suffered by the residents of Apartment 143. Ding dong ditch!

The film is directed by Carles Torrens and stars Francesc Garrido and Fiona Glascott.

Following the tragic death of his wife, Alan White and his two children find themselves plagued by a series of inexplicable events that eventually force them to leave their home and move into an apartment building in the city. Worryingly, within a week of moving, they once again begin to experience the strange phenomena that threaten to tear apart what is left of their family.
Desperate for answers and, hopefully, a release from what he is beginning to believe is a haunting, Alan requests the help of a small team of parapsychologists experienced in investigating and explaining such incidents. Armed with an arsenal of state-of-the-art...

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Not all of us live in fabulous solar-powered eco-dwellings. Many of us live in cruddy, old apartments and have mean landlords who look like they tie women to railroad tracks in silent movies. It can be hard to be a green renter. One of the common misconceptions about renting is that an apartment dweller is unable to compost. That is not true. Here is what is true.

Figuring Out the Best Method of Composting For You

Figure out how much food waste you create. Hate crusts? Eat a lot of shelled nuts? Do you have a balcony? Some spare room?

1.Determine the best place for compost: Under the sink, in a closet, on the balcony, in a window flower box.

2.Obtain something to compost in: A plastic/metal box, a garbage can.

3.Punch holes in the base and sides of your composting box.

4.Get a tarp or a tray to go under your compost box.

5.You will need some soil or fertilizer to start. Place a three-inch layer of soil into the box. You will also...

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Welcome. If you're new here, be sure to subscribe to Ghost Hunting Secrets for free ghost hunting tips, videos, haunted locations, and other goodies. Thanks for visiting!

Jamie wants to know whether strange electrical activity could be a sign of paranormal activity. She writes:

Hi Michelle! I have a spirit here in our apartment. I have heard him speak before; I have felt his presence, and even caught an EVP of him. The past couple days, I noticed something strange: the nightlight in our guest bathroom turned a VERY bright white and then burned out….and last night, the lights on our ficus tree did the same thing (the lights got so bright that it woke me up…was like a sunlight)..and then they burned out, too.

Is this a sign of paranormal activity? I never heard of anything like this, with the exception of lights flickering and going off and on..all of which we have had in the past month as well. Thanks so much.

- Jamie from Wisconsin

Hi Jamie. Yes,...

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Allen refers to his readership as “the Playbook community.” He appeared wounded one morning in March when I suggested to him that his esoteric chronicle may reinforce a conceit that Washington is a closed conclave. No, no, he protested. Playbook is open, intimate. No one even edits it before it goes out, he said, which adds to his “human connection” to “the community.” Political insiderdom — or the illusion thereof — has moved from Georgetown salons or cordoned-off security zones to a mass e-mail list administrated by a never-married 45-year-old grind known as Mikey.

“He is part mascot and part sleepless narrator of our town,” Tracy Sefl, a Democratic media consultant and a close aide to Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, told me by e-mail. “He is an omnipresent participant-observer, abundantly kind, generous and just unpredictable enough to make him...

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After five men previously acquitted of various criminal charges are murdered by a mysterious avenger known as Dr. Rx, police Inspector Hurd and Sergeant Sweeney ask private investigator Jerry Church to help them on the case. He takes the case after talking to Dudley Crispin, a brilliant attorney who had defended three of the murdered men. Crispin gains an acquittal for his latest client, Zarini, but the latter falls dead in the courtroom. Jerry marries Kit Logan, who becomes frightened and persuades Jerry to quit the case. He stays however after Ernie Paul, suspected of the Zarini murder, threatens to "get" him if he does not stay on and clear Paul. Dr. Rx captures Jerry and attempts to frighten him into insanity by strapping him on an operating table, and pretending to exchange the detective's brain for a gorilla. Written by Les Adams


FOLLOW HIM -- at Risk of Insanity! FIND HIM -- and You'll Never...
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