Strange wires behind a plate in living room (red plastic sensor looking)


With most live wire detectors there is an adjustment wheel that sets the sensitivity. If you have this turned up too high it won't give a localised reading.

Usual procedure is to turn the device on, then in free air, adjust the sensitivity up until the detector emits a tone, then turn back until it turns off.

Sensitivity may be affected by metalwork on the other side of the plasterboard/drywall. So you may need to back off the sensitivity further.

Test the detector somewhere else. For example if you have a power outlet and know the cables run vertically from that outlet, use that area to adjust the sensitivity to give a good localised indication of the wire run. Then try it in your closet.

If you have un-insulated hollow interior walls ("stud walls") and can justify buying, renting or borrowing an inspection camera, you may be able to make a small hole in a "safe" area and use that to locate wooden...

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If the ethernet wall sockets exist, and have wires connected to them, where do those wires go? Since the common layout of an ethernet wiring system is to have all wires going to a central point with a switch, or patch-panel and switch, the simple solution to connecting bedroom and living room is to connect the existing wires at the central location (plug a patch cable in between "bedroom" and "living room") or (depending on what you actually need) just put a switch there if one is not already there and plug all the cables into it (so everything is connected.) Normally the only place you need an isolated wire is from the WAN (connection to the outside world) to the WAN port on your router - everything on the LAN (your local network in the house) can be connected to a switch so that it is all interconnected.

Otherwise what you need to do depends greatly on whether or not you have conduit connected to the boxes that the ethernet is in, and the physical relationship of the rooms...

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Baby, love is strange

Малышка, любовь – странная штука,

Many many people, take it for a game

Многие-многие люди принимают её за игру,

My sweet baby, love is strange, yeah yeah

Моя милая малышка, любовь – странная штука, да-да,

Many many people, take it for a game

Многие-многие многие люди принимают её за игру,

Love is strange

Любовь – странная штука,

Love is strange

Любовь – странная штука

Many many people, take it for a game

Многие-многие люди принимают её за игру,

Love is strange

Любовь – странная штука,

Love is strange

Любовь – странная штука

Many people, they don't understand

Многие люди, они не понимают,

They think that having love is

Они думают, что иметь любовь - это

Like having money in the hand

Словно иметь деньги в руке,

My sweet baby, love is strange

Моя сладкая малышка,...

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Our flat is on the sixth floor of a big twelve-storey building. In our flat we have three rooms, a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom and a toilet.
The first place you get to when you enter our flat is the hall. It is rather large. To the left of the entrance door there is a hall-stand, where we hang our overcoats and put our hats where we take them off. To the right of the entrance door there is a large mirror with a little table under it.
Our living room is large. The floor of our living-room is yellow, the ceiling is white, the walls are blue. THe curtains on the windows are brown.
There is a large brown sideboard in our living-room. It is at the wall to the right of the door. In the sideboard there are many plates, cups and glasses. There are some fine vases in the sideboard, too.
There is a cosy red sofa in our living-room. It is at the wall to the left of the door. THere are some cushions on the sofa. There is a little black coffee- table in front...

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This sounds like a start to a horror movie, an A-plus-plus-plus internet hoax or one of the scariest things you can find in your home. A user on Imgur was horsing around in one of the rooms in his house when his little brother ran into a bookshelf. Turns out, the bookshelf could open up. Turns out, the bookshelf hid a secret spiral staircase that led to a secret crawlspace where a stranger was apparently staying. Yikes... if it's even close to real.

According to the Imgur user, here's what the bookshelf looks like when it's not opened up and here's a view of the spiral staircase:

Of course you have to go down those stairs, right! You can't possibly let it go. Secret rooms behind bookshelves are always cool. Well, the Imgur user did go down and after going down halfway he saw the crawlspace:

And here's where it gets absolutely creepy, again if it's true (which with the way the Internet works, you always have your doubts):

You would find this. Someone was...

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in on above under/below between among

behind in front of next to around toward

TASK 1 - Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct option for each picture.

The butterfly is flying the bird. The bottle is the girl's hands. The owl is sitting the book.

The dog is standing the grass. The bunny is hiding the eggshell. The girl is standing the tree.

TASK 2 - We're travelling to a farm. There is a beautiful farmhouse in the picture, with all kinds of things and creatures around it. Complete the description by writing in the correct prepositions.

There is a big house the middle of the yard. There are three trees the house. There is a lady the house, feeding the chickens. There are ducks the small pond the smallest tree. There is...

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Cold winter mornings suck. It takes 15 minutes to warm up the snow-covered car, which means you’re halfway to work before you can feel your hands again.

A Viper 4103V remote starter and an XpressKit immobiliser bypass

Not anymore! Even though it’s still summer, I thought it would be a great time to install a remote starter in the Suzuki Swift for the coming cold months. So, I bought a Viper 4103v remote starter and chucked it in the car.

I created these basic instructions on how to install a remote starter in your own Suzuki Swift if you also get sick of waiting for you car’s inside temperature to be comfortable during cold winters (or hot summers for that matter).

Turn the wheel to access each screw.

Start by pulling off the panel below the steering wheel, and lowering the steering wheel down so you’ll have access to all the screws. Start by removing the two front facing screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

This is the third and final...

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