Questions about: stucco

It will either do so through small, existing cracks, or it will push through and create new cracks. The first thing to do is repair the area that is leading so much moisture into the wall. The problem is normally around flat areas like parapet walls
Congrats on your choice of materials, FYI. AAC is great stuff, totally appropriate for your climate. Applying stucco over AAC isn't a fundamentally different process than applying it over mortared block or brick, so if most stuccoed masonry buildings
Don't let that little leak under the sink go -- even with a bucket catching the drips, minor leaks encourage mold growth,. .
What's the proper way to seal a exterior wall mounted luminary from water entry? I was unable to find one for purchase with any sort of gasket, and it appears that any water sheeting down the wall will simply pass through the fixture: The pictured fi
Some contractors drilled some holes on the outside of the house and I need to patch them up. One hole is about 1 to 1. 5" in diameter
A siding is the material used to protect the walls from damage, that can be caused by external forces, like wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, etc. Even the aesthetic appeal of the material is taken into consideration, while choosing the right sid