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I found this thread because I wanted to pour the middle of a walkway 1/2" lower than the outside boarder of the walkway. Like the OP I wanted to tile the low portion of the concrete -- in my case the low portion is the middle strip of a walkway. I ca
That looks like an almost non-issue (especially if the flooring will run the same direction as that level, if not you'll need to do something about it). If it's a low traffic area it might not concern me in the slightest. I HATE, quote, "self levelin
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Naturally, there is no substitute for a professional engineer when you're faced with complicated or uncommon structural problems, but basic load-bearing calculations are well within the capabilities of many carpenters and homeowners. Most timber-fram
I'm not endorsing a specific product, but why don't you pick up a box of cement board or "hardibacker" screws, or deck screws for that matter. It's unlikely that you'll snap the heads off, and while the broken drywall screws might stop the squeaking,
When I redo flooring, I always remove all the nails, and then screw the subfloor down. It costs nothing but time, and I'd rather waste time doing it, than have a squeaky nail after the flooring is on. As for the water marks
The bathroom is the most popular room in a domestic home to find tiles. This is largely down to the hygienic and water resistant solutions they have compared to wallpaper, carpets and most paints. In addition, tiles can add potential value to a bathr
Underlayment If you have a vinyl floor in your home and you have wood sub floors, most likely you will have underlayment. Underlayment is used to provide a smoother substrate for some floor coverings, like sheet vinyl. It is also used to raise one ar
by user345807 Last Updated February 20, 2016 01:09 AM Replacement options for < 1. 5 inch pour? Details: Bathroom remodel (new tub, tile wall/floor, toilet, vanity). Old tile floor came up with finger pressure, found that the gypsum concrete under