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Laminate on Concreate Basement Floor. Do I need a subfloor? I'm about to start my first flooring project. I'm going to be installing laminate over my concrete basement floor
According to Table R602. 3(1) of International Residential Code (IRC), subfloor fastener schedule is as follows: 3/8"-1/2" panels. Use 6d common nails, spaced 6" apart on edges and 12" apart in the field
Assuming that you can't fix this without removing and replacing the subfloor (I can't think of anyway to "do it right" without doing so but I'm not all knowing in that area). To cut out the subfloor, you can use your circular saw for all but the corn
Yick, we had something similar but worse. I: Cut out whatever subfloor was gone. The joists were stained and powdery looking in spots, so to prevent any mold colonies I painted those up to the edges of the remaining subfloor material with Kilz
We have an LG front loading washer that vibrates violently and walks when it goes into the spin cycle. Our house is wood framed, built in 1991, and our laundry room floor is vinyl. We've had multiple service calls and while the inner drum was replace
Egads. Why would you not fix the framing properly? By leaving gaps between your new underlayment and the subfloor you allow much more flex (and possibly noise) than you have now. I'd sister 2x4s to the sides of your joists on plane where needed
This is a first time I see such a way to build a subfloor, it's not common in a country of my origin. It seems, however, that concrete blocks are not simply a filler here (as in other types of ceiling/floor structures), they can bear loads and play l
Bathroom subfloors are no different that any other subfloor, with the exception that bathrooms are usually smaller and must be able to. .
A subfloor is an important aspect that shouldn't be ignored. Installing a basement subfloor has many benefits. The major difference between a basement which has subfloor and one that hasn't is a warm walkable surface
Start by choosing the tile. (This could be the hardest part!) If your local tile shops or home centers don’t have tile you like, shop online like we did for an almost unlimited selection and reasonable prices. To duplicate our project, choose a 3/4-i