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Have you ever walked through the house late at night, hoping to sneak a spoonful of ice cream or make a plate of leftovers without anyone the wiser, only step on a squeaky floorboard? Squeaks and creaks in hardwood floors are commonplace. Unfortunate
Can ceramic tile be installed over my existing particle board?Because ceramic tile is rigid and somewhat brittle, a strong underlayment is the most important part of the ceramic tile installation. Interior-grade plywood and particle board are not a s
My question is how should I go about laying tile over this? I have the 3/4" wood floor to tie into so I don't want to go too crazy with additional underlayment. From some initial research, it seems my best option might be to go with a layer of 1/2" p
I have roughly 600 sq ft of basement that needs new flooring after some unfortunate flooding this past summer. We had carpet over concrete and are now looking to lay vinyl planks down. There is about 150 sq ft off to the side (L-shaped basement) that
For a dry, mold-free finished basement floor, always install a vapor barrier before laying a wood subfloor or carpet pad. Any kind of persistent moisture will allow mold to get a foothold and soon ruin carpet or wood flooring. For below-grade slabs,
I have been mired in this rabbit hole of picking a flooring for my new condo. I cannot glue or nail into concrete so I either I double floor it with plywood then hardood or I float. I have been reading how solid wood floors cannot be floated as comma
If you have wood underlayment that has been water logged, you really should get rid of it. i would remove all layers of old flooring and underlayments down to the primary flooring. If the primary flooring is still wet, dry it and seal it with a prime
By Matt Weber Here’s a three-fold approach to a new basement floor, including an Insulated Subfloor System, engineered cork flooring, and easy-to-install carpet squares. A finished basement can make a great office or family room, but by virtue of bei
Hey everyone, hope all is well! I've been seeing a few different ways to tackle this project and was just curious of everyone's opinion on it. I'm in the process of redoing my entire kitchen and now that everything is gutted, the original subfloor (1
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