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I would install a frame built out of treated lumber to support the lid. Anchor it to the concrete with construction adhesive and concrete screws (Tapcon). It appears that your pit is very shallow, so you may need to build the frame above the pit and
The water should not be that high in the sump. It should be down to around the 2-3" level inside. This is what I'd call a safety margin which allows the pump time to rest should there be any sudden surge of water coming in from the drain tile or wher
Come on, you can't say "nitty-gritty" without thinking about and saying it like Ignacio (aka: Nachooooo!) Last week was sort of a bust. .
We live in an area where there's a relatively high water table, so our sump pump runs on a regular basis. Typically not a huge quantity of water (unless there's been a bunch of recent rains), but the pump will occasionally run for about 9 months of t
I have two sump pumps in my basement, one on the front wall and one at the back corner. These came with the house and are both ~15 years old. The one in the front runs constantly whenever there is precipitation or melting snow
Tucson AZ Sump Pump ServicesSump pumps are powerful pumps that are installed at the lowest point of your home—typically in the basement. They are there to protect your home against floods and water damage. When water starts to pool in your basement,
I think you mean soldered? A picture would help, a lot. There should be a flexible line going from the valve to the pipe system that detaches by loosening the hex-nut fitting. If there isn't a flex, you will be cutting it out and installing it proper
Planning on creating a pond. I am new to ponds but would like to create a nice sized pond in my back yard. I plan on creating a 11ft X 10ft pond
SAFETY:Refilling your own tank may be illegal where you live and there are serious potential DANGERS. Don't actually do this! It's a hypothetical to be used after the end of civilisation following the singularity, or if you are marooned on a desert i