Questions about: switch

My living room has one wall switch that feeds two different lights/ sconces . The switch has only two black wires on the side of the switch. one on the top and one to the bottom
Assuming your switches are similar to the Leviton 1463 (wiring diagram taken from their site): Leviton 1463 wiring diagram http://www. leviton. com/OA_HTML/ibcGetAttachment
In my 15-year old home, two, 3-way switches in our kitchen suddenly began behaving strangely. The switches control the overhead florescent lights over the island in our kitchen. They are on a circuit controlled by a switch breaker
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Different devices have different characteristics when the timer breaks the circuit. They usually rate the contacts of the timer by resistive (tungsten) or inductive (motor) style loads. Even though the contacts are rated for 20 amps a resistive load
I have two bedrooms and a shared bath that are on one circuit. Through some initial remodeling/updating, all of the outlets were replaced (3-prong), and all of the light switches. All is fine in bedroom 1 (outlets work, light works)
I had an electrician install an outdoor receptacle recently, and it's not working as expected. Before the receptacle was installed, the only thing I'm aware of that was on this circuit was a single outdoor light fixture controlled by a switch. I swap
I just moved into a new home. The builder left the island lights capped, and I am trying to install them now. There are 3 lights over the island
My garage has a light connected to a switch and a garage door opener. The garage door opener was hard wired to a line coming out from the space between the porcelain light fixture and the ceiling. The opener was not connected to the switch