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As Wolf says, a combination of SPDT and DPDT switches. One switch on each floor, top and bottom are SPDT, all others are DPDT. The number of switches is one more than the number of lights
Wiring diagrams to add a new light fixture – do-it-yourself-help at wiring diagram Wiring Diagram For Adding A Light To A Switch – The electrical conduits are a type of plastic sleeve, or fiber, steel that supports and protects wiring in the home or
I really strongly do not go this route with 120 v 30 amp circuit the code is pretty spefic on this one espcally true with HID's { belive me I done this all the time with large commercal / Industrail complexs } you will end up using more wires and cir
Friends with electrical background could use some help. The top drawing was the original of how the electrical ran in my wall. The thing I messed up and did was not take a picture of the switch before I dismantled it
You don't have to call the heating company, any licensed electrician can install a grounding conductor or new wiring from the service panel to the furnace. If a heating company installed your new furnace, they are responsible for making the correctio
Someone enters the same room near the switch at the right of the graphic. He or she flips that switch. Now there is again a pathway for the electricity
If I understand your description, here is one way to alter your wiring: Basically you use the existing white wires to extend the neutral node everywhere. Use the black wires to extend the unswitched hot all the way to the Zwave. Use the red wire in t
for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If you are asking about how to take power from an existing wall outlet to add a new light switch somewhere nearby - either in the same room or in the next room which is just on the other s
concerning Readability:I typically prefer if/else constructs over switch statements, especially in languages that allows fall-through cases. What I've found, often, is as the projects age, and multiple developers gets involved, you'll start having tr