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Assuming the Fixtures are all on a 15AMP Circuit and using 14/2 wire. The Complexity would depend on how the Switch was wired. Power to the Switch, Switch Leg to the Fixture, or Power to the Fixture and Switch leg down and back
I absolutely love easy, home-automating gadgets. I'm drawn to devices that offer convenience, energy-savings, affordability, and a simple cool factor. So when I saw a switch to control a bathroom fan, activated by humidity, I jumped at it
Choose how you want your computer image displayed. There are several options for displaying your computer's image on your TV. Choose the mode that works best for your in your computer's Display menu
I have a Legrand (Pass & Seymour H703P) dimmer that I installed in a 4 way circuit. This dimmer has its common connected to the line so it's 1st in the circuit line and not in the middle or end. This dimmer also has a green indicator light that g
There are three basic types of light switches. The first is a simple, single light switch. The second is a 3-way switch that controls one lighting fixture from two locations
Quote: Similar in the US, but the fine-print tech detail IIRC is that a circuit breaker is supposed to be sized for 125% of the expected continuous load (amperage), with the wiring sized appropriately as well. Which works out to be about the same thi
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I wrote a blog back in June about the importance of exhaust fans and proper ventilation for your home bathroom. If you have family members in the house that are forgetful to even turn the exhaust fan on, you are not ventilating the bathroom at all, d
Was changing a regular outlet in the bathroom for a GFCI one and lost power in all bathrooms. Apparently, the breaker didn't trip but a GFCI outlet in the garage did. When I installed the GFCI in the bathroom and reset the GFCI in the garage the one