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My house is 60+ years old, with original cloth wrapped 2-wire 12 ga wires throughout the house, and an updated 200A breaker box. I wish to replace a 3-way switch setup on a ceiling fan/light with a double 3-way switch setup - a 3-way on the light and
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You are correct in deducing that you can tap into the incoming hot line in the light switch box. It appears that the hot line comes in from either the lower cable or the cable on the upper right in the picture. The cable on the upper left seems to go
I have the WS13A connected to my kitchen's master switch and the WS14A connected to the companion switch. I can turn the lights on and off with the WS13A and I can turn them off with the WS14A; however, the WS14A cannot turn the lights on. When I try
I recently had a 3-way replaced with a Z-wave combination from Leviton (R02-DZS15 and VP0SR-10Z). The switch requires constant communication with the hub and thus needs power. If you look carefully at the wiring diagram for the Z-wave switches, you w
I have a fun electrical challenge in my basement. I currently have power coming off of the breaker, to a single light fixture, and then on to a single-pole switch (Figure 1). I would like to add a new single-pole switch (on the other side of the room
I have a standard circuit with a 3-way switch on each end and one 4-way switch in the middle. Will it work if I run power to the 4 way switch instead of one of the 3-way switches? The light is also connected to the 4-way switch. [UPDATE] Before I hav
The proposed wiring shown as Revision 1 in the original drawings is not code compliant. Under NEC 300. 3(B), all wires for a given circuit must be in the same cable or raceway
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AC power plugs and sockets are devices that allow electrically operated equipment to be connected to the primary alternating current (AC) power supply in a building. Electrical plugs and sockets differ in voltage and current rating, shape, size and t