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I just moved into a new home. The builder left the island lights capped, and I am trying to install them now. There are 3 lights over the island
My garage has a light connected to a switch and a garage door opener. The garage door opener was hard wired to a line coming out from the space between the porcelain light fixture and the ceiling. The opener was not connected to the switch
I've been steadily replacing switches in my house with zwave ones. The other day I opened this guy up and found a red wire wired to the top of the switch, a black wire at the bottom and another black wire wrapped around the bottom screw. I am pretty
You probably don't need to rearrange your lighting load. Just replace the switch with a new one. <><><> Wall switches are mechanical devices that do break
Look closely at that light switch. See the two switch blocks (one blank) and the almost-square translucent fringe around both of them? That lights up. That is a backlight designed to help you find it in the dark
Just use outlet box #1 as both a junction box & outlet box. Having enough room in the box shouldn't be a problem, but you can always get a deeper box if desired. Wire nut the supply to another 14/2 running to the switch
You are right to be concerned about switched neutrals. A dangerous situation. You can test it by using a non-contact tester similar to this one Turn on the breaker (after making sure no terminals are touching anything metal)
I purchased a single pole boring light switch to replace a not-really-used dimmer, and I want to be cautious and check myself. I apologize if this is a duh question. The guides all show switches that have one set of wires, or show a switch that is la
There are two terminals in a one way light switch. When the switch is on, both terminals are connected together. Typically, these terminals will be marked COM and L1 (sometimes L1 and L2)