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Can anyone help, I have a lighting/wiring problem, I have two lights in front room controlled by one dimmer switch, the problem is one stays on permanently and one switches on and off and dims. The switch wire goes to the light that goes on and off,
First off -- the only guarantees found in North American electrical code are that neutrals are white or grey (but not all whites are neutral) and grounds are green, green/yellow striped, or bare. Things that are neither ground nor neutral can be any
Note that the ceiling fan electrical box will not be the same as a standard box for a receptacle. You will have to find a suitable faceplate that will adapt to a round/octagonal box, or you will have to change the box itself. Option 1 Break the tab o
As ChrisF says, check your local codes on this one. The purpose of separate circuits is to ensure that you have lights when you plug in the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, or some other high load device. If the lights don't have any outlets, and the circ
I had a Switch on one end of the kitchen and a Switch on the other end of the kitchen that would turn on/off the Track Light I had (3-Way Switch). I want to add 6 Recessed Lights, so I removed the Track Light. In the attic one wire went from one Swit
The folks that say it begins with the cymbal and the drummer's technique are spot-in, but failing any changes there, the fact that you're using an SM57 isn't helping. They're designed to have a presence bump in the midrange and the heavier diaphragm
First off I know the switch the works I plugged it into a different circuit where I have another one and the pilot light turned on when the switch was on. However when I have it installed in the problem circuit the indicator light is switched and is
Introduction Lighting controls have traditionally been used to create moods. Today, they are also used as part of a high quality energy efficient lighting system that integrates daylight and electric light sources to provide a comfortable and visuall
Never gonna work. Take the dimmer back and get the right thing. It won't be the first one the shop has taken back for that reason