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В этом посте я расскажу как подключить сенсор движения и LED-ленту, чтобы у вас дома автоматически включалась подсветка. Например, когда ночью заходишь в ванную. Или просто когда кто-то есть в квартире
Purchase the wire and accessories at your local home improvement store. For light fixtures, 12-gauge wire, which will be run in a 120-volt circuit, is best. The switch can be connected either with 12/2 wire or 12/3 wire, the second number indicating
A couple of years ago I replaced a ceiling light in the MB with a ceiling fan/light using a remote control wall switch (light off/on with dimmer; fan off/on, high, med, low). There is only one switch. This worked great until I plugged the vacuum into
Hoping someone can help me figure out whatever it was was they did. I recently rewired a three way switch be eliminating one switch altogether and using the other as a typical switch. Everything seems to work, no breakers have blown
I am replacing a double set of single pole wall switches. One switch controls a ceiling fan and another controls the fan lighting. There are 4 runs of romex terminating in the box, 1 from the fan/light and the other three from other parts of the circ
The black wires from switch to switch are power jumpers. The power is fed to the upper switch by the black wire on the top left. The jumpers then carry the power to the other two switches
I've spent the last couple hours trying to install a smart switch in my new-construction home (finished last month in Chicago) and I'm a bit confused. Pictures here, going to focus on the top picture. The yellows/purple are loads and travelers
Is this normal? No, but it is not especially unusual. Do I have a problem with my wiring setup? Insufficient information to tell. Do LEDs behave this way? It is a common problem with some types of LED "bulb" in certain situations
I'm wrapping up a bathroom remodel. An electrician came a while back and ran new wiring. He installed a plastic 4-gang box which will have a GFCI receptacle and 3 switches for a light above the vanity, an overhead light, and an overhead fan
I updated the switches in my master bedroom. It used to be 3 switches - one for the ceiling fan's light, one for the ceiling fan blades, and one to control a few outlets (for floor lamps). I added a dimmer to the ceiling fan light, a three-speed fan