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So, we decided we wanted the contrast of a natural or stained table top while leaving the rest of the piece white. I figured I'd just sand the top down and then decide on a stain color followed by 5 or 6 coats of polyurethane. I've put some serious e
Just in basic table design you are missing the horizontal supports right under your table top. The first three horizontal supports are not only too low, too thin, but they are also installed wrong. You have them going across the table legs
Refer to image below, I would like to know are my wall and the custom build L brackets able to hold around 50kg includes table top. Any bracket with those ratios should have a gusset added to it. If you look at any factory made longer L-brackets that
There's another reason to possibly want to avoid using biscuits for this type of joinery work and that is "telegraphing", where the positions of biscuits can become visible on the finished panel as localised raised or sunken areas. 1" material isn't
If the wood is dented rather than cut/gouged, you can steam dents out with a clothes iron (preferably a steam iron, but not required if you keep the washcloth damp), a damp washcloth, and some patience. If it's actually cherry, and not just "whatever
There is a way to create such a composite timber. Actually, all other things being equal (the species, cut and quality of the wood), a built up sandwich is actually stronger than a solid piece of wood. This is done by laminating the three boards toge
Topcoat has bumps when dry. This can be the result of the finish or the floor being too cold, humidity being too high, the previous coat(s) not being dry before this last coat was applied, or overworking the finish during application. In addition, no
Add new beams parallel to the sagging roof rafters but on the other side from the vertical support studs. Do not attach the new beams to the roof; a little separation is good. In fact, the lower you make these, the easier the remaining construction
First, figure out how much you want to take off. Let's say it's 3". I can think of a couple ways to do this
The trestles appear to be solid wood. .