Taking out damaged small screws


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We'd all like to imagine that work will go smoothly 100% of the time. No mistakes, no blow ups with our bosses, no frustrations with the people below us. Just sunshine and rainbows every day. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, for most of us mere mortals at least, that isn't how it always works out.

So I thought it would be helpful to talk about damage control.

Specifically, here are two things you should do when things aren't going super smoothly.

Damage Control #1: When you're going to miss a deadline

The first thing I want to discuss is what to do if you're going to miss a deadline.

Most often, this happens because work is either taking longer than you expected, or you're being hit with multiple projects with competing deadlines.

The most important thing is, you have to correct your boss's expectations as soon as possible.

This is something most people do not do.

In fact, most people do the opposite! They pretend...

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Water can damage your iPhone pretty badly. It should be treated as an emergency. Water connects your current-circuits together which leads to the stain on screen and causes shortage of the circuits and dock connector, which further results in; your device to become a really expensive paper-weight, as it will be useless.

If iPhone stops functioning because of its contact with water, you can repair it by carefully following the steps described below along with screenshots. It is a quick job if you have proper tools.

a) Pentalobe screw at Amazon for $3.89
b) Phillip-Head screw driver at Amazon for $4 to $8
c) Set of tweezers at Amazon for $16.30
d) Pry tool of any type at Amazon for
e) Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol at Amazon for $8.08

1. First you have to remove the logic board, by using the Pentalobe screw driver take out the two screws you see on the bottom of your iPhone.

2. Insert the pry tool as shown in image below in your...

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Alibaba.com offers 432 damaged screw extractor products. About 39% of these are other hand tools, 12% are drill bit, and 9% are tool parts. A wide variety of damaged screw extractor options are available to you, such as assembly tools, power tool parts, and machine tools. You can also choose from free samples, paid samples. There are 439 damaged screw extractor suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries are China (Mainland), Taiwan, and Japan, which supply 94%, 3%, and 1% of damaged screw extractor respectively. Damaged screw extractor products are most popular in North America, Western Europe, and Southern Europe. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 79 with ISO9001, 12 with ISO14001, and 6 with Other...
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Since the broken screw is down in a hole, you can get a

piece of brass tubing from a hobby shop to use as a drill guide.

Cut a piece that fits into the hole and leave about .25 - .50

sticking out. Once you have a pilot hole started, you can remove

the brass and change to a slightly bigger bit to hopefully remove

the broken screw. This brass piece will guide the bit towards the

center of the screw.

"Zenin" wrote in message
> Johnboy wrote:
> > A way that works for me is to use a left handed drill bit from
> > Set the drill motor to reverse and carefully get the drill bit
started in
> > the center of the 4 - 40, then apply pressure as normal. The heat
and the
> > constant torque usually gets it out.
> I'll give this a shot I think; I hadn't know of left handed
drill bits.
> Thanks!
> The...

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Hello Frank;

My name is Peter. I am a retired field service refrigeration technician.

You have a general ice maker. Very Common. If you go to Sears, they want $116.00 for a new ice maker. Go into eBay and get one for $45.00 or less. Several models will work in your unit.

The front cover just pops off. I have to pull and use a small flat head screw driver to get it off.

Before you do anything, check to make sure you do not have a frozen fill tube. This is common.

Having removed the cover you will see the control module.

With a jumper wire, just ports 'T' & 'H' to manually run your ice maker. Remove the wire after 60 seconds and observe it running.

It is not uncommon to have the plastic gearing break, motor failure, or burned circuit board.

You can get a new control module on eBay for about $25.00. But still, you may also have a bad heater or thermostat.

May I suggest, buy a new unit on eBay and...

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Braid extensions can make life so easy. Once your hair is completely hidden away inside braids, daily maintenance is a breeze and only takes minutes. Of course, there comes a time when the extensions have to come out. You need to remove braids carefully and slowly to avoid damaging your own hair. It's a time-consuming process, especially if your braids were very small, so patience is a necessity! These braid take-down tips show you how to remove your extensions the right way so that you don't suffer loss or damage.


First things first: you have to cut the extensions off. You should have a general idea of how long your hair is so that you know where your natural ends are. You don't want to cut too high up and risk cutting off more than just the extensions. To be on the safe side, cut about two inches below where you believe your hair ends. Cut one braid at a time instead of grabbing a handful and hacking away.

Working in Sections

Once all the...

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With the Speed Out Damaged Screw Extractor, you can easily remove any stripped screw in ten seconds or less. You'll never again be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt. If you can use a drill, you can use the Speed Out Screw Extractor. It works so well that can even remove four-inch long, stubborn deck screws out of redwood. Even if you break off the entire head of a screw or bolt, you can still extract it right out.

Speed Out Damaged Screw Extractor Remover

Designed to remove the damaged screws, and bolts as well. Removes any stripped screws in 10 seconds or less! The 4 pieces screw extractors set works with any drill and any sizes of screw or bolt. Made of good quality high speed steel material, durable to use....
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Almost all building contractors and auto mechanics have been exposed to broken screws. This article explains how to extract the broken screw without damaging the piece it threads into. While the example of a wood screw broken in dimensional lumber is taken, techniques described below can be used to remove virtually any piece of hardware threaded into another material.

Screw Extractors are used as follows:

First, a small hole is drilled into the broken shank of the screw, The screw extractor is then threaded into the hole previously drilled and turned counterclockwise (aka from right to left), Since driving the extractor counterclockwise causes the extractor to bite into the screw, it is now possible to drive the broken screw out using the screw extractor.

Screw Extractors come in several size and are commonly referred to by a number. For instance, this article features screw extractor #1, the thinnest of all common extractors. Screw extractors are available at most...

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Why waste time and energy and get frustrated over damaged screws that you can't seem to get them out? This magical Damaged Screw Extractor will be your saving grace!

It pulls out stripped or damaged fasteners quickly and easily.The screw extractor is a drill and removal device in one tool. It makes a handy accessory for any garage.

This speed out screw extractor gets them out even if the head is broken. It works with hex, flat, and painted over varieties and removes them within 10 seconds.

Package includes : 4 Pieces.

It helps to prevent frustration and saves you time as you complete your tasks. Each one is made from hardened steel.

A MUST HAVE for every household and workshop garage!

These are some of the most trends Multi-Tools and are a good GIFT to your family, lover, friend and...

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Moving out of your apartment can be bittersweet. You pack up all of your things, begin moving furniture, start taking down wall art– and, lo and behold, there’s that golf ball-sized hole in the wall you accidentally made one night, then covered with art.

After living in an apartment for at least a year, there’s bound to be some small damage here and there. While some wear and tear is normal and should be built into your lease, fixing minor damage before moving out will ensure you get your full security deposit back. Plus, you’ll stay on good terms with your landlord, who you may need for references down the road.

To make sure you leave your apartment in good condition before moving out, take a look at these normal damage issues and their fixes:

Small Holes

After taking down the photos from your gallery wall, you probably noticed the many small holes left by nails that were used to hang the frames. Patching small holes left by nails, tacks and screws is...

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There is a well known product called Easyout: 8 piece Easy Out Screw Bolt Extractor Set - Easyout Tool Set - Amazon.com

I don’t recommend them for inexperienced users. To use one you use a center puch to put a dimple in the center of the brokent screw. Next use a center drill to start a hole. Then use a twist drill todrill a hole down tge center of the screw. The directions that come with the screw extractor will give tge size of drill to use. Now tap the Easyout into the hole and use a tap wrench to turn it counter clockwise until it catches andstarts backing out the screw.

Using screw exractors is risky. If the screw is badly stuck, the Easyout may break off in the hole. The Easy out is very hard so removing a broken one is a much harder problem than removing a...

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Sory about necro, but a 5/64 drill bit helped me fix a 2DS. I had stripped 10 of the 12 motherboard screws who were more secure than the three treasures of Japan. This is the drill bit I used:


At first, I practiced around the battery slot area because those screws don't have wires or anything around them. This makes them for an easy practice area. The 2DS is like this, but unsure of other models.

I had the drill on lowest power possible and drilled on top of the screw until the head came off (they look like little rings and always got stuck on the drill bit, which i had to remove each time). I did this for each screw. Extremely careful around motherboard parts! Steady hand steady hand steady hand!

DO NOT LET THE DRILL BIT SLIP ANYWHERE. This drill bit advertises that it doesn't "walk", and it didn't for the most part. I'm not very strong and didn't apply pressure. The screw heads eventually came off...

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It happens to the best of us. Your box is beautiful, hardware is all installed, you just need to give that last screw one more turn. Snap! Now what?

Follow along to learn how to remove a damaged screw!

Photos via wooden-box-maker.com

In a recent post I showed you how to mortise a box hinge. This post will show you what to do if you have snapped off a screw while woodworking.

Avoid the problem

Obviously, your best bet is to avoid the problem altogether. You can do that by pre-drilling your screw hole with a drill bit that is just under the size of your screw.

Another way to prevent snapping brass screws is to use a steel screw of the same size before using the brass screw. Brass is softer than steel. By using a steel screw first the stronger screw cuts the threads. Then you back out the steel screw and the threads are in place for the softer brass.

But for those times when your screw snaps despite your best effort the...

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This item can be shipped to your home. Or pickup this item at your local Ace Store for FREE*.

*Items shipped from our warehouse to stores in Alaska and Hawaii will receive a 70% shipping discount.

30-Day Return Guarantee

We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from www.acehardware.com. If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased (subject to the return exceptions below), you may return the item up to thirty days after the original purchase date to receive a refund (less shipping, handling and other charges). We recommend that you make returns of online purchases to an Ace retail store near you which will issue you a refund. If you do not have an Ace retail store near you, please contact a Customer Service Specialist by calling 1-866-290-5334 for complete return...

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Today I found out twelve ways to remove a stripped screw. We’ve all been there; trying to void a warranty or otherwise take something apart and you go to take that one last screw off and invariably it strips. Now what? You can either A: Think Hammer… really, really big hammer; or B: Read the list below and pick the method that seems easiest to you on how to remove a stripped screw or bolt.

Have a Dremel or equivalent tool? Use the Dremel to cut a notch in the screw head. Now take a flat-head screw driver and try and unscrew it using the notch you created. If you happen to have a drill and some drill bits handy, drill a small hole in the center of the screw. No need to drill too deep. The idea here is just to drill a small hole to allow your Phillips (cross head) screw driver to seat deeper in the hole to help it catch better when you turn it. If you happen to have an “easy-out” screw extractor, this is by far the easiest method. Works pretty much every time and with very little...
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So, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-C240E (AKA PCG-6R3L) and I accidentally dropped it. It fell on the right rear corner where the power cord plugs in while the cord was plugged in. Of course I freaked out but it turned out the laptop was ok. A couple days later, however, I noticed that my power cord wasn't going in. It turns out the plastic pieces holding together the jack on the inside broke and the jack wasn't staying flush with the case any more.

With the help of various other tutorials on similar laptops, I was able to disassemble my Vaio with relative ease and fix the problem. I will go over these instructions in hopes that this maybe useful to someone else in the future. Opening up a Vaio is kind of an intricate process. With a laptop, you never want to tug and pull too hard as pieces are generally very small and hard to replace.

Most people who will need this will probably only need to know how to disassemble the laptop and not fix the power issue. However, I've added...

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All N-Series Tractors–Ford-Ferguson 9N, 2N, and Ford 8N

This rebuild is based on the original type Marvel/Schebler Carburetor.

Many of these tractors have new aftermarket M/S type or replacement Zenith Carbs. The new aftermarket M/S types that I have seen are very low quality. The castings and finishing are often mis-aligned. Holes that are not properly centered in teh castings make the parts weak in critical areas. Some people claim the Zenith is an upgrade. Anything will seem like an upgrade when you are replacing a dirty, worn-out carb with a new one. Most of the original or new aftermarket carbs sold for these engines can perform equally well, as long as they are properly cleaned and tuned.

The Marvel/Schebler carbs were VERY popular, and were used on a wide variety of vehicles. That is good, there are plenty of used carbs, and replacement parts available.

If you are looking for a new or replacement carb for any of the Ford N-Series Tractors, the...

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If you are like me you have dropped your fair share of cell phones, pagers, ipod’s, gameboy’s and camera’s in various bodies of water. Come on who hasn’t had a pager ride your belt right into the urinal? Okay maybe that was just me. Over the years I have polished some techniques for reviving these electronic items resulting in a fair survival rate. Frugal Fixes are a new feature here at FiscalGeek (what isn’t at this point) where we’ll publish some useful fixes around the host that could potentially save you a fair amount of money with some of your own elbow grease and ingenuity.

Time Commitment: 2-10 minutes
Handiness Skill Level: Beginner
Potential Savings: $100’s
Materials: Jacked up Electronics Device, Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol, Container larger than your electronic device, rice (optional), Dri-Z-Air (optional)

Time Tested Fix

This technique is my go to for waterlogged devices.

Remove the battery from the device. This is critical, and...
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From UK-based mikegtx2002 who has personally installed numerous Ivan's jet kits in this motorcycle. I thank him for his kind permission in allowing me to include these tips in this web page. See also his carb removal and replacement instructions.

Ivan’s kit is a terrifically well developed product. In only wish I could say the same about the instructions that come with it. Thankfully we have Pat Glenn’s site to show us precisely what is entailed when it comes to modding the carbs. Between us I think we can guide you through the next stage without any difficulty.

First, get a clean, solid and well-lit work surface to operate on. A large square of clean cloth to rest the carbs on is a good idea, as it prevents little springs and washers from wandering off on their own. If the carbs are dirty, clean them off with a liberal dosing of WD40, a soft brush and a cloth. No need to be paranoid about this but small specks of dirt in the carbs can cause niggly problems later...

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