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Mounted directly to drywall, the TV can break the material posing a danger to both the wall, as well as anyone nearby. To avoid this, locate and use the wall studs behind your drywall as extra support. By mounting through the drywall into the studs b
TV stands that support 33" to 47" flat screens come in all sorts of models for the professional. From wall mounted work stations to mobile video stands, our in stock inventory of racks and mounting brackets offers the biggest selection online. Mid-ra
by Loto Last Updated March 14, 2016 08:09 AM I just bought a new TV that uses a smaller screw for mounting. My TV stand has these hooks that screw onto the TV and then the TV hangs from these hooks on the stand. If I bought smaller screws to fit the
The fine print: Some channels are viewable only with the use of Time Warner Cable-issued digital Set-Top Box; some other channels are viewable only with a TWC-issued digital Set-Top Box, Digital Adapter or CableCARD™-equipped Unidirectional Digital C
Mounting a television on the wall can save space and enhance viewing. Those who are interesting in hanging their TV on a mount bracket may be curious about their options. Consumers can choose between a variety of TV mount brackets
1 system is an affordable alternative to higher-end speaker sets that sounds almost—if not as-good as its competition. They may not win any awards for style, but they are an all-black, space-saving design that will look at home next to your TV or in