Temporarily filling a hole with a shim


The idea you have is a good one, but you will probably not have any luck finding dimensional lumber that fits your needs exactly.

Instead of looking for a 3 x 3, you can just buy a pressure treated 4 x 4, which is only really 3.5 x 3.5, and rip it to size using a table saw. Since the depth of the holes is only approximately 2' deep, you should have enough material for both holes using one piece of lumber. Once you have cut the wood down to the correct size to fit the hole, insert the wood into the hole until it reaches the bottom. Mark the depth, and cut it to length, and re-insert it into the hole. When you are done, you will have a plug that fits perfectly. One thing you want to do is cut the wood slightly smaller than the opening of the hole so you will be able to remove the wood later. If it is a tight fit, then the wood will expand too much from being exposed to moisture, and you would have a hard time removing it.

When it comes time to remove the plug, you can...

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First, lets make sure there isn't a radiator valve down there. If I had to guess, that's a hole from an old radiator, or it was made as access to do a repair job. If you see some pipe down there but no valve, your probably safe to fill it. Filing away a picture if there is pipe would be good, too.

User35 has sound advice if you simply want to plug the hole; foam plus steel wool. But your floor looks like concrete, at least top side. I'd shove the cavity full of newspaper to support some new concrete in the hole. Mortar would work; concrete with small aggregate would be better. I wouldn't worry about rebar or anything like that; it's a small hole and should bond well all by itself.

That is, assuming it isn't as giant a cavity down there as you make sound like. If you can stick a tape measure in the hole and it stops after a foot or so, then whatever. If it goes in like three feet, you might want to start asking yourself if this is normal for your type of...

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Hopefully those holes are actually sloped upward the entire way, but I would not count on it.

Silicon would be OK, especially deep in. But there's a product called Mor-Flexx which is specifically made to look and work like mortar. A tube of this would work better than any mastic, as you can really squirt it far in. Plus you can touch up any other cracked masonry you might have around the house.

I might also solve this exact problem using rapidset mortar in a pastry bag (to get the mortar deep into the brick). But this can crack brick over the decades if the mortar is harder than the brick and thus expands differently (a problem in historic renovation, as older bricks are often softer than modern mortar).

That said, the Mor-Flexx is easy and will solve the problem completely. You can then install a weatherproof cable entry point and all future installers will take the lazy way out and use it (who wants to drill brick if you don't have...

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Example sentences with "fill a hole", translation memory

The present invention relates to a device to assist in filling a hole in a sheet or plate of any material, with a filler compatible with said material, said device comprising: a flexible plate (1) adapted to be inserted through said hole in said sheet or plate; a detachable attachment member (5) adapted to extend generally perpendicularly from a surface of said flexible plate (1) and including means to locate at least one locking member (9) thereto; said locking member (9) being detachably attachable to said attachment member (5) so as to apply a tensile load on said attachment member (5) thereby causing said flexible plate (1) to bear on and be held adjacent to said hole.' Everyone will remember your name- not cos you were just there, but' because you shone a little light, filled a hole, made a difference. 'The present invention provides a device, kits, and methods for temporarily filling a hole in a bone without...
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@albino-troll-ninja asked:

Got any feedback/advice/links for someone who wants to make lengthy, relatively action-less dialogues between characters more than just “‘Loren ipsum,’ he said.” “'Ipsum lorem’, she replied.” for forty paragraphs?

No problem! I love dialogue, so I’m happy to be of assistance in this department.

Here are my personal rules of thumb:

1. Allow the dialogue to show the character’s personality.

If you really think about your conversations, it can be telling exactly how much of someone’s personality can shine through when they speak.

Allow your character’s persona, values, and disposition to spill over when they speak, and it will make for a significantly more interesting read for you and your reader.

For example: let’s take a look at a mundane exchange, and see how it can be spruced up by injecting it with a good dose of personality.

Exhibit A)

“How was your day, by the way?” asked Oscar,...

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Mix one or two sheets of toilet paper with Elmer's Glue, e.g.

using a small cup and a screwdriver. The paper disintegrates easily, and the mixture can resemble modeling clay with the right amount of glue. Stuff the mixture into the hole, e.g. with a nail head, before it sets and make a pilot hole with the nail. Before the unused mixture has hardened completely, drive the screw partially into the pilot hole, then remove the screw and allow the material to harden further for an hour or two. The dried material is firmly bonded and holds screws as well as the original wood. This procedure also works well for filling holes in...

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I recently heard my cistern overflowing. On investigation I decided to adjust the float level to stop it by reducing the height to which the water in the cistern rose when it filled. A few days later I heard the distinct sound of the cistern overflowing again. I then realised I needed to repair my Toilet Silent Fill Valve.

Satisfying Search Engine Optimisation

In order to satisfy the requirements of Internet SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the valve is referred to, in this article, specifically as a Toilet Silent Fill Valve or more generally Silent Fill Valve but its full title is a Silent Fill Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve since it is:

A Valve.

An Inlet Valve. A Cistern Inlet Valve. A Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve. A Silent Fill Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve.

Old & New Fill Valves Compared

Repairing a Toilet Silent Fill Valve used in a toilet is, in my opinion, easier to perform than one on a traditional ball valve (ball cock)....

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Some chairs and tables are fitted together with a dowel rod that runs from one leg to another. The dowels are glued into holes cut into the legs. Wood dries out and shrinks with age.

If your dowel is now too small for its hole, wind cotton or linen thread around the tip of the dowel to make it thicker. Then coat the wood and thread with glue, and reassemble.

Another way to fit a shrunken dowel into the hole is with a shim. Shims can be purchased where wood is sold. If you want to use a shim, look for a small shim no wider than the tip of the dowel. Now follow these steps:

Cut a small slit in the end of the dowel with a sharp utility knife.

Try to center the cut so that each side will be equal in size and strength.

Carefully slip the small shim into the slit, the pointed edge first.

Gently push it in so that it expands both sides of the tip.

Don’t worry if a little of the thick edge of the shim protrudes from the dowel. (Too much...

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I’m currently working on a conference talk about WebRTC. One of the foundations of any WebRTC library is some form of Google’s original adapter.js, which seeks to normalize the WebRTC API across various browsers. As I was about to build this particular slide, one question started to whisper in my ear, “Is adapter.js a shim or a polyfill?” Eventually, the whisper grew louder and I had to find the answer.

As a JavaScript developer, you’ve no doubt ran across an HTML5 library and thought the same thing, “Is it really a shim, or is it really a polyfill?” If you’re like me, you stopped, looked at both terms, and then scratched your head… In this article I’ll clarify the definition of a JavaScript shim and a JavaScript polyfill so that you can be an informed developer. Knowing the difference will allow you to better choose the libraries you use.

Back in 2010, Remy Sharp coined the term JavaScript Polyfill:

A polyfill is a piece of code (or plugin) that...
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There are 33 different aftermarket shim thicknesses available, ranging from .307 to .241 inch (in .002-inch increments). One of the biggest frustrations in building these axles is that the thin shims in an aftermarket pack are very difficult to install without damaging them. And if you use the OEM shims you have a bunch of different sizes laying around. If you build a lot of differentials, it makes sense to have a variety of OEM shim thicknesses in your shop; otherwise, take your time with the aftermarket ones. This is also a reason to save any old shims for your next build.

The Ford base part number is 4067; you can purchase the exact thickness that you need from there. The Ford shims are pricey and that is why most people use an aftermarket shim pack, which consist of a “sandwich” of three shims. The inner and outer shims are thick, while the middle shim is thinner. The pack can be driven in with a brass drift without any concern for cracking. A final check of pattern and...

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The Chevy 12-bolt differential is one of the most revered and sought- after differentials for first-generation Camaros. In fact, a 12-bolt-equipped Camaro is worth significantly more than one that is not. Produced from 1965–1972, the differential is a strong, efficient rear-end design that effectively transmits torque to the axle shafts. The ring gear carrier measures 8.875 inches and two internal main-caps hold it in the carrier; the pinion is 1.625 inches in diameter. The 12-bolt readily withstands torque from the various Chevy small block V-8s and supports most big-block engines up to about 900 hp. For many years, original 12-bolt rear ends were hard to come by, but now there are several aftermarket offerings if factory-original equipment is less of a priority. Strange Engineering offers new improved-design housings for first-generation Camaros.

This Tech Tip is From the Full Book “HOW TO RESTORE YOUR CAMARO 1967-1969“. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you...
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You'll need:

A kitchen oven or some other way of heating plastic. (Don't use a heat gun; it's hard to heat a non-tiny sheet of plastic evenly with a spot-heating device like a heat gun.) If you want to build a small standalone vacuum forming oven cheaply, check out my $30 oven design at www.rcgroups.com: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=621858

A good vacuum cleaner, preferably a powerful (1000 watts or more) canister vacuum. If you don't already have one, you can get one for $5 at the Goodwill Outlet Store (a.k.a. Blue Hanger Store). Don't buy a shop vac just for vacuum forming; they don't suck any harder than a high-wattage household vac, and they're bulky. (If you already have a shop vac, though, you can go ahead and use it.) Don't buy a new canister vacuum, either; the centrifugal pumps in vacuum cleaners don't have seals that wear out, so a used one that works is fine; it'll suck as hard as a brand new one costing 20 times as much. (If the filter or...

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A Comprehensive Dividing Capability for the Peatol/Taig Lathe

A Comprehensive Dividing Capability for the Taig (Peatol) Lathe and Mill

Copyright © Tony Jeffree, 18th February 2000. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Follow the underlined links to find references, figures, other articles etc.


The Taig micro lathe (distributed in the UK by Peatol Machine Tools) is a popular and versatile small machine, albeit with some limitations. Probably the two most significant amongst these are the absence of a leadscrew and change wheels for fine feed and threading, and the absence of dividing accessories. There is an article elsewhere on this website describing the addition of a leadscrew and associated equipment. This article addresses the second problem; how to add division capability to the lathe. As will be seen in the description that follows, the result is not just another dividing head or dividing attachment. Rather, it offers a...

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