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Last updated on September 9th, 2017 Problem: Your HVAC system lacks a C-wire (common wire) for your new WiFi thermostat Solution: Install a Venstar Add-a-Wire adapter! Short a wire? If you are lacking the (ironically named) “common wire”, also known
When your HVAC system suddenly stops working, it’s easy to fear the worst and think that something is wrong with one of your costly components. There’s another possible culprit that’s easy to rule out: a failed thermostat. By following these steps, y
Get the Plumber back. He may have just cleaned, flushed &/or adjusted the Mixer & not replaced it. But, it sounds like you have a Pressure-Balancing valve instead of a Thermostatic valve
I have this Honeywell RTHL2410C programmable thermostat and typical Florida electric AC system. Starting this Spring, it has started behaving strangely when switching from Heat to Cool mode. The thermostat has a physical switch to change the mode (or
A:What you’re experiencing is called cold diuresis, a phenomenon that occurs for reasons that are not entirely clear. One theory that remains popular—though it has been contested—explains how it works like this: When your temperature starts to drop,
Since the run is so long you should consider upgrading the entire run to #8 wire. #10 CAN handle the load for short lengths but for that long a run you get too much line loss. Here's a website that might help you with some information: http://www
How to Wire Air Conditioning ThermostatsHow to wire a thermostatTo wire air conditioning thermostats, you need to know what types of thermostat your air conditioner needs. Heat Pump and regular air conditioner unit has two differences Ac thermostat.
General Information | Installation Questions | Troubleshooting General Information Do programmable thermostats really save energy? What does a thermostat do? How does a programmable thermostat work? Can a mechanical or manual be replaced with a progr
I'll use this gif from my other answer, to try and describe how the system works. I'll focus only on the heating side, just to keep things simple. When the thermostat is not calling for heat, the circuit is open and electricity cannot flow
I have a natural gas boiler and a pellet stove. I have a Honeywell programmable thermostat (2 AAA Batteries) that I have used independently with both of these systems. Switching from one system to the other requires rewiring the tstat