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This is the most common problem with the Nest. You need to hook up a "C" wire. Here's the thing
Before I begin, I would like to request "call a technician" suggestions to stay off. I do know a nice guy who can look it up for me, for a variety or reasons, one of which being my general history of fixing stuff, I would like to take a first stab at
Then next thing to do if you have 24 volts is to go to your thermostat. Put one lead of your volt meter on the red wire and the second lead on any other wire. If you have 24 volts then you have power to your thermostat
When you say that your AC "keeps running", does it ever stop? Or does it keep going forever? I know that many thermostats actually cool a few degrees below the target temperature and dont kick in till a few above said temp (usually a delta of 2F). As
Customer: replied 7 years ago. I agree that it sounds like a potential miswire somewhere. When the house temp is real cold (low-mid 60s), apparently the furnace is not kicking in properly when it should
I have a Smart Thermostat installed called Tado, with a pretty standard UK heating and hot water set up. In my airing cupboard there was a timer that controlled when the hot water and heating was to be on, and down stairs there was a old Honeywell th
Tstat Terminal Designation Color of Wire and Termination R – The R terminal is the power. This comes from the transformer usually located in the air handler for split systems but you may find the transformer in the condensing unit. For this reason, i
Both this document (PDF) and this document (PDF), say that one 24V-40VA transformer can only support 3 zone valves. Since you have 4 valves, you're over the recommended number of valves. Once you added the demand of the WiFi thermostat, you likely ov
We have a brand new air handler at work, but the thermostat is mounted on a wall next to a server/computer room which is always warmer than the rest of the office. I want to install a thermostat that allows for the use of a remote sensor. The C wire
Application I applied through a staffing agency. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Nest (Palo Alto, CA) in January 2016