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You should be fine connecting the unused blue wire to the C terminal in the furnace/air handler. You'll notice that on the Y terminal that there's a yellow wire from the thermostat, and a white wire that presumably goes to the outdoor unit. The red w
This is easily achieved with a mini-split unit for each room - that is also usually the most energy-efficent approach. There are split systems with a single outside unit feeding up to 4 separate inside units (perhaps more, but that's the most I've no
In thermostat wiring, C stands for Common. Look for a terminal labeled Com, which is another abbreviation for common. I did not look up your thermostat, however it is likely that it needs the common wire to work properly
OK, quick terminology issue: Single-pole and double-pole. The poles are channels, which could have any purpose. A single-pole switches one channel; a double-pole switches two
I'm wondering if a faulty thermostat is what is causing my fridge freezer to misbehave? The fridge gets down to 12C, and the freezer to -20C or so, then the compressor does nothing for hours and it comes back up to ambient-ish. The fridge-freezer is
Correct me if I'm wrong. But the typical forced air heat/AC system has 3 control lines (not counting R or C).
This fan controller is using an electronic thermostat LM56 produced by National Semiconductor. The LM56 is a precision low power thermostat. Two stable temperature trip points (VT1 and VT2) are generated by dividing down the LM56 1
When your furnace thermostat malfunctions, it’s time to replace it. Check the type of thermostat that you have and purchase a new one just like it. Determine the number of wires and types of terminals in the unit so you purchase the proper replacemen
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