Questions about: thinset

This will be the first time I do tiling myself. The bathroom subfloor is concrete I believe. I am on a condo top floor so will need some sound insulation
I've never seen a tub with brackets like that. Usually the lip of the tub gets secured directly to the framing. What brand/model of tub is that? Can you find info online? Many tub manufacturers have installations instructions that indicate how things
There are tons of people who have DIYed tile. I am probably the most rookie tiler out there. But in subway tiling our shower surround I learned a few things that I want to jot down both for any others out there about to tackle their first tile projec
Initially, the wall tiles were installed too high off the shower floor so if floor tiles were installed, there would be a gap at the bottom of the wall tiles to top of the floor tiles. I hired a company that installed a second mud pan on top of the e
I would like to know if it is ever an acceptable practice to mix or blend two diverse thinsets together, and under what circumstances one may resort to this practice (outside of desperation to finish a job in a shorter timeframe)? Specifically, I'm i
Ed is right that any grinder for concrete will handle thinset. However I doubt that the thinset is grindable. When thinset goes onto concrete there is no molecular bond that causes the thinset to stick permanently to the concrete