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Cement board is composed of aggregated Portland cement with a glass-fiber mesh on the surfaces. This 5/16 inch (7. 9 mm) thick cement board is designed as an underlayment for tile floors
With these types of tiles you do not want them to break as they are harder to demo when they are in bits and shards. If you try to use a scraper (even power) what inevitably ends up happening is the top of the tile comes off, leaving the much harder
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You need to start at the furthest corner from your exit path and work your way out. Grout the entire floor at the same time or you may see color differences where you stopped then started again. Mix all the grout as a single batch (that is a fairly s
by Xuor Last Updated April 16, 2016 08:09 AM I recently purchased a 4 inch Schluter Kerdi shower drain. I thought I was buying this product: What I actually bought was this product, seemingly an older model: All the installation instructions I can fi
I've never seen a tub with brackets like that. Usually the lip of the tub gets secured directly to the framing. What brand/model of tub is that? Can you find info online? Many tub manufacturers have installations instructions that indicate how things
When you're building a tub/shower surround, there are two questions that need to be answered: Which substrate material should I choose? How do I waterproof it? The answer to question #1 is easy. Cementboard, always (unless you're using a fully-integr
Hi, Thanks for all the responses. I just measured the joists and put them into the calculator you provided. (THANK YOU)
There are tons of people who have DIYed tile. I am probably the most rookie tiler out there. But in subway tiling our shower surround I learned a few things that I want to jot down both for any others out there about to tackle their first tile projec