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I've never seen a tub with brackets like that. Usually the lip of the tub gets secured directly to the framing. What brand/model of tub is that? Can you find info online? Many tub manufacturers have installations instructions that indicate how things
When you're building a tub/shower surround, there are two questions that need to be answered: Which substrate material should I choose? How do I waterproof it? The answer to question #1 is easy. Cementboard, always (unless you're using a fully-integr
Hi, Thanks for all the responses. I just measured the joists and put them into the calculator you provided. (THANK YOU)
There are tons of people who have DIYed tile. I am probably the most rookie tiler out there. But in subway tiling our shower surround I learned a few things that I want to jot down both for any others out there about to tackle their first tile projec
The efflorescence is just a bit of salts that precipitated at the surface of the grout. Stop wire brushing it and wash it with a scrub brush, with a dilute solution of muriatic acid and warm water, that should take care of the problem. Next time use
1 Measure the size of the tiles you want to use and any tile spacers or grout. Decide how many tiles you will need to use to complete your pattern. 2 Ensure level tiles with the use of a batten, or wooden straight edge
All of that should be torn out and replaced with backerboard, which is then coated in a waterproofing membrane, to be tiled over and sealed. Or it can be replaced with the same modern type of dry-pack mortar bed, of which I'm not a fan and neither ar
Yesterday, I covered my timeline for getting the kitchen backsplash covered in subway tile. Tile that is still radiating all of those wonderful “damn, I look GOOD” vibes all over it. And as promised, here are the full DIY details I learned, tools I u
Tiled surfaces such as countertops and backsplashes need a border to make the installation look finished. In some cases, this border is created with a row of bullnose tiles, which have three flat, straight edges and one slightly rounded edge. Ceramic
I began demolition of a bathroom today and ran into an unusual (for me) flooring issue. The floor is tiled and it's set on a 1. 5" thick bed of mortar